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  1. So the rifle works great!...but it's HEAVY! I have to put it on a diet if I'm going to carry around hog hunting. I've decided to sell the barrel/VG6 Epsilon and the Midwest Industries Mlok hand guard, if anyone would be interested. Looking like a 16 inch Criterion Barrel and maybe and Aero hand guard will be the new direction.
  2. Hey everyone, I built my 308AR with the intention of using for going hog hunting, however, my parts choices are on the heavy side for carrying this rifle around. I'm selling my Ballistic Advantage 18 inch (rifle gas), fluted 308 barrel and the 15 inch Midwest Industries MLok hand guard. The barrel has 20 rounds through it (followed Ballistic Advantages break-in recommendation on their website/blog) using Winchester 147gr FMJ ammo. It does shoot great! I will include the VG6 Epsilon muzzle device and gas block/gas tube (both Aero Precision) as well (will probably go with a mid length on the next set up). Cosmetically, both the barrel and rail are perfect, no scratches. Barrel, gas block/tub, and muzzle device $325.00 ($372.47 if you bought everything from Granite Ridge Outfitters using the BALL coupon code for the barrel) Hand guard/rail $175.00 ($209.95 new from Midwest Industries) buy everything for $450.00!
  3. I bought and used this tool and it worked perfectly. My M5 shoots great!
  4. Tennessee here, north of you, but still in the south! Welcome!
  5. @AvantGuardian Hey good to see another person from Chattanooga (?) that is into AR308s!
  6. Hey everyone! Joining you all from Southeast Tennessee! I have been doing a lot of homework (much through advice given by members) for my first 308 build. I have built several AR15s and enjoy it. With an upcoming hog hunting trip next year, I wanted a larger cartridge to hunt with. Considered a bolt gun, but ultimately decided part of the fun is building a rifle. Naturally it all really started with a sale/good deal on a set of Aero M5 receivers! My build will be: Aero Precision M5 Freedom receiver set Aero lower parts kit, minus FCG Aero upper parts kit Magpul MOE+ grip Larue MBT trigger Armalite buffer tube (lots of reading and listening to 98Z5V's advice/wisdom) Sprinco Red spring Spike's Tactical T3/H3 5.4 oz buffer Magpul ACS Stock Toolcraft Nitride BCG Radian Raptor charging handle Radian Talon Safety Ballistic Advantage 18 inch fluted barrel (rifle gas) Ballistic Advantage gas block & gas tube VG6 Epsilon (stainless/bead blasted to match barrel) Midwest Industries 15 hanguard, M-Lok American Defense Recon 30mm scope mount Primary Arms 3-18x50mm ACSS HUD 308 scope Waiting on upper receiver lapping tool / compound and head space gauges to arrive to start putting it all together. I also got an upper receiver/barrel tool similar to the Geissele reaction rod from Botach https://www.botach.com/kley-zion-barrel-spline-socket-rod-for-ar15-m4-ar10-sr25-upper-receivers/ So that's where I am. Once everything is together, I'll post an update when I get to shoot it for the first time and include some photos as well.
  7. Clymer head space gauges, Midwest Industries 15 in M-Lok handguard, upper receiver lapping tool and compound...almost have everything to start the build!
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