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  1. JF89


    Next time my woman makes jalepenos poppers I will post pics. Hers look similar to those though. She made shrimp ones a few weeks ago. She's from Texas so I don't argue or try to intervene with her BBQ.
  2. I can see it now , just picture madmax Robocop on his police motorcycle with a .500 blackout. Or @98Z5V with his pants down looking for hugs with a 6.5 grendel AR slung over his shoulder 🤣
  3. 5.56 , .22 LR ,and .308 for rifle and 9MMS for handguns . There are better rounds but it's what I got and it's what I have trained most with.
  4. My guess is this is what the Marxists call a Nazi in the Marine corps. 🙄 https://www.foxnews.com/us/marine-afghanistan-senior-leaders-accountability
  5. https://t.co/McpwdD0g8M Talk about lefty propaganda. I highly doubt there is a nazi problem in the Marine corps. The Marxist media are a bunch of cum guzzling gutter sluts though. They are most likely just butt hurt because the Marines are not falling in line to gobble up the Marxist narrative.
  6. Fair enough, I can't tell the difference to be honest I just remember reading an article of poor countries using old tech.
  7. Don't read into mine and Belt feds discussions, that's some one flew over the coo coo nest sort of stuff
  8. That's not true we have racist rocks oppressing people! /s https://www.dailywire.com/news/racist-rock-removed-from-college-campus-after-black-student-union-activists-complain
  9. I was reading an article the other day on countries that still use WW2 era tanks
  10. Who said anything about eating dick? Sounds like you have some sick fantasies, if you want a tic tac to freshen your breath just say so.
  11. You guys are just hinting that you want dick pics, ain't happening though. I stock basic preps and have a few firearms and a few thousand rounds of ammo. There really is not much anyone can do at this point but watch the idiots eat themselves and prepare. I think many of the more moderate minded people are starting to come around though. What else is there to do? A few years ago I tried to get a group of people together that wanted to get into prepping but people in general were not taking it very serious. It seemed pointless at the time might try it again sometime. Nothing real hardcore just basic prep and survival stuf.
  12. Ok , I got a hypothetical question for 98z Let's say the commies are invading would you grab the 6.5 grendel or the .308 win?
  13. Seriously though this is part of the cancel culture, they are trying to gut the U.S. , which who are the ones most likely to resist A full marxists state? Masculine males so targeting them is what they are doing. This feminization of European males is systematic and preplanned, I argue with people about it all the time. But why don't we see this poop pushed as hard on other cultures? Go push this in Africa or the middle east or India and people would rebel. Screw elections heads would roll.
  14. I seen the title and thought 98z changed his name. Jk
  15. Just don't eat her butthole 98z , Democrats don't wipe.
  16. 98z is a Jameson drinker? Well Ain't that something , there for a bit I was drinking a case of Jameson a week. Best damn whiskey thats readily available. Going off his taste in women I would have guessed Jim Beam or JD...
  17. How about this one, not sure you could even fit all of it in your mouth
  18. Her business is probably saggy when wet, probably also sounds like a wet mop hitting the floor when she drops it like it's hot.
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