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  1. Some years ago, saw a Weather by .460 Magnum at the LGS. Had 19 rounds to go with. LGS owner said he sold 2 of them. Buyer of this one fired one round and brought it back. Too much to handle. Buyer of the other one told LGS owner he'd fired one round also. Now he's suckering other guys to do it. Won't shoot it again himself though.
  2. Thanks, Sisco. That sign says it all.
  3. Yeah, but dude, can't you hear "I can brew for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles .... oh yeah"
  4. Oh God, somebody finally got it right!
  5. I knew a guy who used to work on escalators. One started unexpectedly and he lost both his legs above the knee. I treat escalators the same way I do chain saws ... with great respect!
  6. Happy birthday, mrmackc! Gonna use that to cut the cake? 😁
  7. Welcome from one originally from Illinois, now in Arkansas.
  8. Sharpshooter


    Welcome from Arkansas.
  9. Welcome from Arkansas.
  10. Ended up getting the Seekins. The reviews combined with the price point sold me. Thanks for the help!
  11. I've tried to do my research, but the newest info I could locate was from Magwa's post 3 years ago. I'm putting together a "dissy" on a DPMS G2 MOE with a .750 barrel mating surface. I'll be running the MI 15" MLOK rail, and I want to use an adjustable gas block. I know I don't need to use one, but I want to. The MI rail has a 1.3" inside diameter, with a .4" gas tube channel. So far, I see the SLR Sentry 7-S set screw will fit, as will the Seekins Precision Low Profile Adjustable (thanks to info from Wash ). The SLR Sentry 7-S has a distance from bottom of the barrel to bottom of the block of .17" and the Sentry 7-C clamp on has a distance of .21" for the same measurement. Interestingly (to me, anyway) SLR recommends using the 7-C only for rails with an ID of 1.35" or larger and the 7-S for anything smaller. I'd prefer to use a clamp on block if I can so I don't have to worry about the existing A2 block pin grooves and the set screws of the new block. Also, I don't have a drill press and I'd hate to f-up the barrel with a hand drill. So, anything anyone can suggest would be welcome. Thanks!
  12. Sympathies. I got my tinnitus in 1968 on the flight deck of the Coral Sea. Somebody apparently needed my hearing protectors worse than I did. Unfortunately, flight ops don't stop just because you aren't equipped. Like they say in the theater, the show must go on! Another 50 years of shooting since then hasn't helped.?
  13. Finally found a vice block for DPMS G2 upper. https://www.plastixrevolution.net/collections/ar10-upper-receiver-vise-blocks/products/308-gen2-lar8-ar-upper-receiver-vise-block
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