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  1. I just love an incompetent perp! If only I'd had more of them who, when I pulled up in my squad car, just gave up all hope and shot themselves.
  2. Thanks for posting this. It gives a perspective I wasn't aware of.
  3. Welcome from Arkansas
  4. So, do you think this is natural/normal?
  5. Sharpshooter


    Oh my God! It's just a picture but you flooded my mouth with drool.
  6. Welcome from Arkansas. Listen to these people. They know whereof they speak.
  7. Welcome from Arkansas. Nice rifle.
  8. Well, if it's her ass ... maybe!
  9. If that girl can ride that bike I'll kiss her a$$! Come to think of it, ...
  10. I've heard stories (tall tales?) of divers at the bottom of a dam, looking for damage, when all of a sudden the earth moved under their feet and they discovered they were standing on a catfish. Understand, they didn't step on a catfish, they were standing on a fish big enough that both their feet were on the top of the fish. Yeah, I know, another fish story but some of them have a serious basis in truth.
  11. Fukk! 11 feet? What kept him from catching you? Too much time in the same pair of socks? 😁
  12. Have you ever watched the series "Preacher?" There you go!
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