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  1. Well, we know who will win the ""Best Dressed" award!
  2. You been peeking in my bedroom window again?
  3. You and me both, brother! I missed the "reality" window by about a day. Seriously, ordered dies and powder and projectiles, pondered which primers to get, went to bed, and woke up to insane prices!
  4. I used to have an account on PayPal, but they decided I was hinky(wtf?) so they wouldn't allow people to buy my produds (I'm a book publisher) . So fukkem.
  5. Yeah, but savages can be right, can't they?
  6. I'm one of the nicest, sweetest, easiest going people on this board (all right, you can put your barf bags away now), but you don't come on here as a newguy and start telling people how wrong/stupid they are without getting a teeny tiny bit of pushback. Do please feel free to take your marbles and run away home to those who think you know what the fuk you're talking about.
  7. What? Isn't that the way you ride a motorcycle?
  8. I hear that, brother!
  9. What, laughing? If not, he should have. I don't mean this in a hurtful way, I just mean he made me laugh in so many different ways.
  10. And Lewis and Clark took an "air rifle" with them that was seriously impressive. Don't forget the possibilities!
  11. No, not ouch. Fukking Ouch!!😫
  12. I'm reminded of ... oh well, too long of a story. Ask me about the prettiest stripper some other time.
  13. Hey, joke'em if they can't take a fukk!
  14. And, just to reinforce what @Armed Eye Doc said, what is the purpose of your rifle? I'm reminded of the movie "Robocop" where one of the bad guys has just gotten a military grade weapon that he uses to shoot a fire hydrant into oblivion: "State of the art bang-bang!" Is that what you need, or could you make do with something not quite so potent?
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