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  1. From age 74, all i can say is ... well, yeah! 🤬
  2. Okay, I'm an idiot. When did NASCAR become something woke? What the hell makes a woke (or non-woke) car faster? And if your car isn't faster, who gives a fuk what your opinion is?
  3. Yeah, brother. Me too. But #2 was a b*tch, in more ways than one.
  4. Sounds like my first and third wives. For sure, nobody was taking any responsibility for those!
  5. People for Extremely Tasty Animals?
  6. Dang, over 700 posts (I know, that's nothing compared to a lot of you!) and still a newbie?
  7. You've got two different ways to look at this. 1. The mechanics of society continue to work. You have your choice of pretty much anything that the ammo companies make. 2. The mechanics of society don't work anymore. Your only choices are what you can scrounge up, whether it's from a big-box store or anywhere else. What do you think?
  8. The last time I saw a box with something like that in it was at the July 4th fireworks sale! It might have had more potential damage than your stuff, but I have faith in your(?) end product. Keep at it, brother. The only people who don't get their names in the history (or patent) books are the ones who quit trying.
  9. This is just way fun! Looking forward to the next steps. As an aside, I had a frat brother in engineering school whose dad worked at jet labs on the original rail gun project. According to my frat brother, they ran into problems that the physicists said were impossible to solve — they were up against the laws of physics. So my frat brother's response? Dad said, "we just engineered around the laws of physics." Yup. I like engineers.
  10. Hey, @Steve crawford! I've been through more than one of these rodeos. They're no fun. Hang in there, brother. Our better halves are worth it!
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