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  1. I shoot a lot of Woodchucks each year. I usually let bygones be bygones but they always start digging at some foundation and that I can’t allow. 5.56 with 50gr Varmint round usually settles the debate.
  2. Blast Shield for my Baby! Best I can do until I can get an Omega.
  3. Yeah it’s my do everything rifle built on a similar to scout rifle principle. Short, Lightweight and very handy. Also it’s defenitely a “f* the night, cause I own it” rifle in this configuration.
  4. I’m laying back until things go main stream see which one/ if any take hold. I bet on 458 socom Over 450 Bush and 50 Beo. I figured no need for proprietary mags, worked of the same operating pressures just swap uppers, and used actual rifle bullets it’s a win. Who knew .450 would pick up SAAMI approval first and other manufacturers would be all in.
  5. $5,500!!! And needs proprietary mags as well as can’t just slap on an Upper. also can’t go Subsonic to supersonic. A solid Meh.
  6. Well everyone needs the big boy Blackout once it’s released. I.e the 8.6 Creedmore (.338 Black Out) supersonic 180-210 Gr loads, subsonic 300+ gr loads- YES Please. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/8-6-creedmoor/
  7. ^ Probably going to rattle can the barrel after initial break in. might rattle can the NVD as well but the prospect of that gets me puckering so might leave it Black.
  8. So I wanted a do all rifle in .308. I have more trigger time behind an AR than all other platforms combined by some magnitude (thanks to Uncle Sam). So after my bullpup dreams collapsed, I began looking hard at the AR10. Was awed by the sheer quality for a lightweight build. I didn’t want anything skeletonized because this will be a working rifle. So here is what went into my Xanthos: -2A Armament Xanthos Receiver Set Upper -Brownells Titanium BCG -AXTS Raptor Charging Handle -V7 Hyperliter Hanguard MLOK (10.75”) & Barrel Nut -Faxon Match Series- 16" Heavy Fluted, 308 WIN, 5R, 416R, Nitride, Nickel Teflon Extension (Not the lightest Barrel out there but checked all my boxes so I splurged a little in the weight department) -Nitrided Mid Length Gas Tube -Superlative Arms Adj Gas Block (Again not the lightest but think they are top tier) -LANTAC Dragon/ Silencerco Break (Again not the lightest) -Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover LOWER -2A Armament Titanium Take Down Pins -Noveske 60% STS (Not a fan of BADASS or ambi selectors flame me) -Geissele SD-E Trigger Group -KNS Anti-Rotation Trigger Pins -V7 Titanium Mag Release -Larue Apeg Grip (Not the Lightest but fits my hand perfectly) -V7 Lightweight Grip Screw -Phase 5 One Piece Extended Bolt Release -V7 Lightweight Endplate and Castle Nut -V7 Lightweight 11 Position Receiver Extention (Buffer Tube) -JP Enterprises Silent Capture Buffer -Daniel Defense Stock (wanted the lightest stock with no wobble, an actual recoil pad, and SIDE QD mounts) All internals and the Receiver Extention are NP3+ treated by ROBAR. The exterior was dipped then clear cerakoted in Kryptek Mandrake by Tarjac Custom. Used those two because they have lifetime warranty on their work. Incedentals- PRI fixed front, ARMS flip rear sight, AIMPOINT CompM4, Custom Blue Force Gear Sling, BCM forgrip, and NiteCore P10GT Flashlight and offset mount
  9. I love my 2A Armament Xanthos. Fit and finish is superb got a good discount on a blemished one. They were kind enough to point out the blemish- I still don’t notice it. They even through in a blemish handguard (though I didn’t use it) the 2A flat out rocks for weight and quality.
  10. Love these lightweight builds, well as long as they are reliable.
  11. Love the lightweight stuff been lurking these posts since they started.
  12. Looks great, good luck.
  13. Just jumped over even though I’m new to this forum as well.
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