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  1. in all honesty, the whole poop got boring day by day
  2. Alright. am gonna try this out, thanks
  3. I have five dogs and at least one of em has realised that if they can't be arsed to go up the garden for a crap when the back door is open, they can just do it indoors by the back door and they'll get away with it cos I don't know which one dunnit and I won't smack an innocent dog so they laugh at me. Or at least the one that's doing it is. So what's the best budget motion (see what I did there :)) detecting go pro thingy out there guys?
  4. why does your font look like the text is copy and paste?, could you give us an answer
  5. as said by everyone, bushnell scope is a good pick
  6. Never tried any of those tho
  7. dextron

    New guy

    hey all, am new here, this is my first post to be precise. Am hoping to improve my shooting, tho am a lazy dude but am giving it my all this time
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