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  1. Last summer we began handling Milwaukee brand tools and I came across these interlocking Packout boxes in the catalog. I asked purchasing to add a couple to the next stock order and they showed up this week. Now I have a decent way to store spare gun parts and reloading accessories…
  2. I think the shed and barn trim needs to be black to get the full effect...
  3. I need this in my life...
  4. I assume you are referring to the pin that retains the buffer. The buffer tube does not have to be up against the pin, as long as the tube is far enough over the step in the pin to prevent launching it into orbit you are good to go…
  5. She’s a shooter, my best group of 10 rounds off a sandbag @ 50 yards with 55gr hand loads. I ran out of daylight so I have to wait ‘til next Thursday to move out to 100 yards…
  6. My buddy JR built the bench out of 1/8" steel about 20 years ago. I've used it to build trannys, cylinder heads, carbs, and damn near anything else you can imagine. It also serves as my reloading bench and as a bar when we have kick ass garage parties. I just cleaned it up for the pic. Here it is in it's normal state...
  7. I finished up the build tonight because I forgot where I put the gas tube for safe keeping. The barrel length was dead on 16.25” during mock up so I drilled for the pin and had a buddy TIG weld it in place. It feels pretty light and well balanced. The plan is to get it sighted in at 50 yards per Swampfox’s recommendation on Thursday night before sneaking over to one of the comp bays to run a few mags through it.
  8. Barrel, BCG and gas block showed up today. Waiting for 1000 200gr LSWC .45’s from Precision Bullet to show up.
  9. My biggest bitch about the Aero .308 BCG is the cam pin is an odd size and they don’t sell them individually…
  10. I may just have to do that for the benefit of my shooting pals. I have the same brake on other 5.56 rifles, if the OD is the same it’s a no brainer…
  11. The VG6 Epsilon on my .308 works well but folks say it's pretty loud
  12. I’ve been saving my brass so I can start reloading this winter. Please recommend a good die set for low production, high quality ammo. I am an experienced reloader, having done tens of thousands of .38, .45 and 5.56 but the wide variety of specialty 7.62 dies is a little overwhelming. Working on .38 Special today…
  13. Criterion sent tracking info for the barrel and BCG that have been on backorder since July...
  14. It certainly is different, you guys helped me sort out cycling issues on my build without hesitation. No Peckerheads, no smart ass remarks, just a sincere willingness to help.
  15. A 50 round box of the Blazer ammo retails for $30 online, the powder is $30/lb. The price tag on the sleeve of primers is $23 which is considerably less than current market value.
  16. When we wrapped up shooting tonight one of the Rangemasters said “pull over by my truck before you leave”. I pulled up next to him and asked what’s up? Bruce opened his door and started handing me stuff. His brother is struggling with Parkinson’s and decided to give up shooting.so Bruce has been liquidating his gun collection and reloading stuff. Bruce GAVE me 800 small pistol primers, a few pounds of W231 and 400 rounds of .45ACP Blazer brass cased hardball. My only gripe is he refused to let me pay him for it. I’m going to get him a gift card from Cabela’s or something like that. How much do you think would be fair for such a generous act?
  17. It stayed put on the two guns I tried it on, but I only ran a couple hundred rounds through each. As much as I’d like to test with a higher round count, ammo cost and availability has been a limiting factor.
  18. This ProMag Vise Block ? I have one, it's an unremarkable piece of plastic that does exactly what it needs to do. Having a fixture to hold the lower absolutely makes life easier. This Wheeler upper vise block also seems to make life a bit easier. In addition to the above items, here's a somewhat comprehensive list of things in my firearms tool kit: Both ft/lb and in/lb torque wrenches, T-Handle hex wrenches, T Handle TORX wrenches, roll pin starter punches, roll pin punches, small standard punches, small hammer, pivot pin detent tool, barrel nut alignment gauge, reaction rod, armorers tool, automatic center punch, dial caliper, scope leveling tool, gunsmithing screwdriver set. There's some special purpose handgun tools in there as well.
  19. I have been using CLP but recently ordered a sample size Cherry Balmz Black Rifle Balm to give it a whirl. I applied it to the bolt, bolt carrier, cam pin, etc… It won’t completely replace oil but applying it in the appropriate places seemed to make both guns cycle much smoother (16” BCM carbine and Aero 16” mid length) This morning I’m applying it to another 5.56 and my .308
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