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  1. Good to know! Thanks! I’m super new to this but if it got better for that decent of a price I’d be all over it.
  2. It’s on my Christmas list! Jay enjoyed the large turrets. 😂
  3. Lol! I’m not shocked by those responses in any way. 😂
  4. You’re welcome @Lonewolf McQuade. From my limited experience.... Yes, I loved their coupon code and told them so. I need to use it by the end of the year. Maybe a Christmas present to myself! You guys crack me up! Thank you for the laughs!
  5. Yes, @Lonewolf McQuadeI really like mine! In all the guns I’ve shot I found few others I like better and you can’t beat the price for that quality. IMHO
  6. I tried quoting you originally and I deleted more than intended in the quote, I couldn’t figure out how to do it over so I just edited the whole thing.
  7. So true, that Scorpion was a blast!
  8. 😂No worries! I was just fuckin with you.
  9. Gee, thanks! 🙄🤣 Lol! That was me too!
  10. @jrtmaspare you the one with the slomo video of me blowing stuff up? If so, can you please post them?
  11. ☺️Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you and Susan too! The other guys were alright! 😆😉 Seriously, loved you all.
  12. I had an amazing time this weekend! It was so great to meet many of you! 😍I really appreciate how you all welcomed me in.
  13. Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all for your/their service.
  14. I was dying 😂. For background for everyone, I was warned that Tom didn’t have Bluetooth so I joked about a ton of old cd’s that had been burned for me off Limewire. Just my name and a date, no clue what’s the on them. 04, 05, etc. Went from Gwen Steffani to Eminem to Linkin Park to Tool. It was a very entertaining trip.
  15. It was an awesome trip! Thank you so much @98Z5V! The night ride was so much better than the day one for me! 😂 IMG_0591.MOV
  16. Love that song! My friend and her new husband walked into their reception to that song last night. It was awesome.
  17. I’m glad I get to meet some of you in person, 98 makes me sound like a crazy person.
  18. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Looks like an amazing trip. Nice Tundra!
  19. I’m not sure what I “got away with” but thank you? 😂
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