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anyone done a sbr conversion

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not concerned w powder burn vs barrel length      just a cqb upper w fixed irons that will RUN regardless of weather or not the supressor is mounted    wanted to hear about/from  others who had failed/suceded    got my ap4 exactly the way i want it for a midrange carbine and it will run no matter what, no stoppages    want the same out of an upper that is a short, manuverable and controlable as possible  preferably w out spending 1800 w POF

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I think the hardest part to doing this will be determining barrel length and gas system specifics.  The AR-15s have so many options available for short barrel lengths, and alot of people have it all figured out for smooth operation - pick the combo you want to put together, and someone knows the gas port size, buffer weight, all of it.

Carbine gas system probably, but mid-length might be possible.  Barrel length based off the gas system, and on preference.  Not many buffer-weight choices out there, like the 15s (H, H2, H3, etc.), so you'd be stuck with the rifle or carbine length buffer.  If it shoots soft (that's all "relative"), but cycles ammo, you'll be good. If it's kicking like a mule with whatever combo, then you're kinda stuck with only one option - gas hole sizing (experimentation) in the barrel.

Someone's gotta have this figured out for an SBR combo, but I've never seen one running, in person. 

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Why would you want an SBR in 7.62 anyway. Isn't the idea a short light highly maneuverable rifle? The AR-10 platform puts you at a disadvantage right of the mark, it is much larger and heavier than a comparable AR-15 package. The caliber is compromised by the short barrel length not to mention the terrific muzzle blast of burning that much powder in a short barrel. Then there is the weight of ammo and magazines. If you want a 30 cal you would be better off with a 7.62x39. In the short barrel it will come close to the 308 ballistics without the muzzle blast, but you would be better with the 6.8 than either. My idea is an AR-15 with a 16" pencil barrel, flat top, carbon fiber handguard, collapsible stock and polymer magazines. Easily usable with one hand if needed and more lethal at a far greater distance than any handgun. It could be disassembled and carried in a small bugout bag and with an adequate supply of ammo wouldn't be too heavy.

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Something I wasn't thinking about - Noveske has a 7.62 combo in 12.5" and 14.5", so they've got the gas figured out for those lengths.  They use an Armalite base for their guns, but the gas is still gonna be the same for a DPMS-based SBR of those lengths.  The only hard part of it will be getting the information on barrel gas port size from them.    :o

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