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Nikon M-308 vs P-308?

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I'm in the market for a decent scope to put on my DPMS LR-308.  Don't need anything fancy since I'm only allowed to shoot on a range in daylight, and I have no pre-concieved preference for reticle type [don't know much about them...I'm a newbie on scopes].


I see good notes on the Nikon M-308, but then I see there's a P-308 model at half the price.  Am I giving up anything really significant going for the cheaper scope?




Suggestions?  Advice?  Comments?


Thanks in advance...

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Ive got 2 Nikon M-308's with the bdc reticle. shooting Privi or Federal match 168 grain they are spot on out to 500yds...no twisting the turret...I like em...The Vortex PST is really sweet though, if you wanna spend some cash its got great glass.  :) Wash

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T., I have the exact rig you are looking at. Love it! The DPMS is rock solid and the M-308 clear and with zero issues. I use the heck out of mine too. 2 Nikon Shooting Event's put 5000 rounds under the scope and both rifle and optic remained perfect. I have also used Spot On and the BDC reticle to harvest a KS doe at 383 yards through a narrow 8 inch opening between tree's. 1 shot and meat in the freezer. 

Let me know if you have any question's about dialing in your Nikon M-308 BDC 800 scope .



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Sorry, Left out info on the P-308.....I haven't personally tried it but I have lit off 1000's of rounds under my P-223 3-9 BDc 600. A tough scope, clear and a great price. If you are going to go that route, I would suggest taking a look at the PROSTAFF 3-9 ( currently on PROMO), get the BDC version and you can dial it in to your .308 ammo. 



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P-Caliber = Prostaff.

M-Caliber = Monarch.


Know the differences between the ProStaff and Monarch line, and those are the exact differences between the AR Series P and M riflescopes.


Literally.  <thumbsup>

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