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    Gulf Coast Texas
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    Firearms; to include muzzleloaders, shooting, hunting, fishing, and history. Wanting to learn more about long rage shooting and AR15 / AR10 / LR-308 related gunsmithing.

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  1. Obviously it will be a while. Ordered the trigger along with it and only received the trigger. I'm sure they received several orders so I'm quite a ways down the list.
  2. Thanks for posting the link. Didn't wok out on my end after three attempts. I guess I was lucky to get the photo up?
  3. Now it worked. 👍
  4. LaRue Tactical C-Note $100.00. SKU: LT-888 Just received notice of this new piece today and ordered it. Looks like a cool QD piece for the ArmaLite DEF-10. Short distance between sights but the same La Rue QD mechanism which hasn't failed me yet. 👍 Dont know why the photo didn't carry over but I'll try it again in a separate reply.
  5. Thank you. Will be giving this a try. If it works we should do a sticky on it.
  6. Excellent price. Finally got a majority of my reloading system or at least about 50% purchased. Won’t hurt to buy some brass if it this low finally. No telling what will happen next week and drive the prices back up again.
  7. This looks awesome 👍👍👍 Doing something similar myself. Splurged on one of Wilson’s SS .243 barrels and BCG, and a 20” SS Wilson’s .260 Remington barrel with BCG. I’m just building uppers and for the DPMS lower being sold by CDNN sales. I called ArmaLite to see if either barrel and BCG would work on an ArmaLite upper but they had no clear answer. Wilson told me it was the DPMS II profile but I have yet to find that upper receivers. As usual such builds are slow works in progress.👍
  8. You’re damn sure right about this. It’s totally amazing. They go in to an absolute mental block, intentional or habitual, whatever … 🤷‍♂️
  9. Soft points are no good for the FAL neither. Pretty much bolt actions only.
  10. I bought just about everything shown here and still either via CDNN or elsewhere and still made out less than $450.00. The whole lower receiver came with enough parts to build a complete lower assembly. I did not need anything to technically complete the whole lower receiver to the point it’s ready for a completed upper. I ordered a La Rue trigger of course so I’m waiting for that to finish it and I should be range ready as soon as the trigger arrives. One of the best purchases I ever made across the board. 👍 FYI … if this was a blem receiver or “factory second” I absolutely cannot tell and I looked it over real well before I got started. I don’t think anyone still on the fence about will be disappointed if they decide to take the shallow plunge. 🤷‍♂️
  11. The rifle world has gone bonkers over 6mm - 6.5mm. US military now has the .277 “Fury” and that’s going to be ultra badass at 80,000 PSI pressure 👍😆👍😆. Let’s see there’s the ARC, the Western, the Grendel, the SPC, and I’m sure about a dozen others. Then you have that company in Ohio that is offering the modernized BAR in 30.06 and it is an awesome job they did on that not to mention the retro they offer. Shame I lack some of the needed funds. 😫
  12. If I do a bolt gun it’s going to be a chassis in .300 Win Mag. Obviously some around here are in fear of that one because the caliber in ammo moves the slowest. I’ve found a few boxes of Grendel other than Wolf Military but it’s still somewhat rationed on the shelves here and infrequent on the web, at reasonable prices anyway. 6.8 SPC is about the same and I bought a box of this in frangible a couple of weeks ago just to laugh in the face of disaster. Made damn sure I bought those RCBS dies first though. 👍
  13. Already received the 16” stainless .243 barrel and proprietary gas tube and BCG from Wilson’s. All I have to do is screw it all together and mount it on this receiver I just purchased. Got a .260 Remington off and being head spaced on an FAL upper now. All I need is a long, long range to see how she performs. If the .260 likes me I’ll do an LR-308 upper in that caliber too. Nothing like having extra uppers to spread the selection of ammo out do you’ll always be able to find some regardless of how screwed up the clowns in DC are. Back during the Soetoro 2012 dark age only left on the shelves was the remaining corrosive East bloc ammo in their calibers but still had some .243, .300 Win. Mag, 22-250, 222, and scattered remnants of 30-30 (nobody seemed to like the 30-30 zombie green rounds 🤷‍♂️), and a tiny bit of 30.06. It was worse this time and I’m sure it will be worse again the next time. Sadly the 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC is still on life-support. Glad I bought the reloading gear this time. 👍
  14. Glad you’re impressed as it was one of my last conversations with you that got me interested in these other calibers anyway. 😆
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