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    Gulf Coast Texas
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    Firearms; to include muzzleloaders, shooting, hunting, fishing, and history. Wanting to learn more about long rage shooting and AR15 / AR10 / LR-308 related gunsmithing.

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  1. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/735882472
  2. FGMM 168 gr. $15.99 a Box

    Yes I know. I knew that bullpoopy was already happening a couple of years ago when I saw Greg Abbott post "Don't CA my Texas". Pathetic. Now we got that goofball racist butch Sheriff out of Dallas trying to run for Governor. As sad as it simply sucks.
  3. FGMM 168 gr. $15.99 a Box

    I've thought the same thing but I've also thought about how much it sucks that what happened in CA and how I don't want it to move elsewhere.
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

    That is too cool. No telling how bad the BATF would trip if they found you with one without their tax stamped blessings.
  5. Not a bad idea especially when doing low-profiles for dissipators.
  6. Stumbled in from Texas

    Welcome from Gulf Coast Texas
  7. More interesting stuff from CA: http://yournewswire.com/california-jerry-brown-hiv-blood/ I find it easily believable considering the source.
  8. I can see paying $800.00 for the model you bought this year. Big badass scope though
  9. I wonder if it will be the same hefty 34MM tube? At $3,100.00 (+) MSRP it aint cheap.
  10. Pic Of The Day 2

    Absolutely brilliant ...
  11. Lets see your AR-15

    Looks great to me
  12. New from El Mirage

    Welcome from Gulf Coast Texas. Enjoy the site and your time here.
  13. Texas shooters

    Supposedly there is (or was) a range out that way that went out to 500+ yds. but I don't know the name of that neither. Really wasn't a range actually but some land a rice farmer allowed folks to shoot on. Anyone could shoot there but you had to bring your own stand, etc., and it was only known by word of mouth. There's a 200 yard range nearby in Channelview, or there was one before Harvey. I haven't been back out there since. Might go check on that one this week.
  14. Texas shooters

    Thanks and good job. I never knew what the name was ... LOL
  15. Texas shooters

    No but I'd like to go there if I can ever figure out where it is.