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    Gulf Coast Texas
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    Firearms; to include muzzleloaders, shooting, hunting, fishing, and history. Wanting to learn more about long rage shooting and AR15 / AR10 / LR-308 related gunsmithing.

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  1. 25-45 is large frame or still small frame?
  2. How do they both compare to that Sharps caliber you built a year or so ago? How’s that one turning out? What parts are proprietary to the Grendel; bolt, mags, barrel, etc.?
  3. Midwest Industries m-lock handguard for the 20” AR10, LaRue scope mount for the FAL, piston and spring assy. and new gas tube for the Century R1A1 FAL along with new ambi mag release and sling.
  4. Howdy Again ...

    if you don’t mind I’m trying to get some info. on the last AWB. Β I don’t recall some of the particulars. Β I was an LEO back then but I never enforced or had to deal with it being in Immigration.

    Did we have to hide AR mags that were over 10 rounds or just not able to buy new mags?Β 

    Did we have to turn any mags in?

    Were we able to use AR10 and AR15, AK, and other military semi-auto(s) or did we have to hide those?Β 

    I don’t recall how all that worked.

    Thanks for the assistance.


    1. jtallen83


      What I recall was it was just restrictions on sales, everything was grandfathered in, don't remember how they dealt with 30 round mags that were produced before the ban but don't remember anyone turning them in. This did drive up prices considerably on what was out there. Things calmed down a bit after the first year or so. When the ban sunsetted the AR boom was on, sort of mainstreamed the platform. I look for a minimum of registration of older rifles on the next ban.Β 

    2. GRA


      Do you think we’ll have a gun ban and mandatory registration coming up?

      What do you think will be the minimum that will happen?Β 

    3. jtallen83


      Not sure, I plan for the worst and hope for the best.Β 

  5. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Yes indeed ... now this is what I call CLASS !!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  6. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

  7. Drum or bipod. Either ... Or
  8. Thanks. I’ve been thinking about trying their new sunglasses. Damn sun down here is blinding all hours it’s out.
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