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    Gulf Coast Texas
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    Firearms; to include muzzleloaders, shooting, hunting, fishing, and history. Wanting to learn more about long rage shooting and AR15 / AR10 / LR-308 related gunsmithing.

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  1. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    LOL ... yes indeed. Ted Nugent wrote an awesome song about this; "DOG EAT DOG"
  2. GRA

    Welcome to 308ar.com!

    Welcome to the site. Enjoy your time here. Be advised this is the last point of no return for your wallet.
  3. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

  4. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

  5. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    PRICELESS ....
  6. I checked out some of the EoTech scopes a couple weeks ago at the NRA Convention. They were nice. DSG right now has a sale on EoTechs too.
  7. GRA

    Welcome to 308ar.com!

    Welcome to the site from Gulf Coast Texas. Enjoy your time here. Be prepared to spend some money.. 🤣
  8. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Beautiful country indeed. I thought Alberta was beautiful also. Too bad I couldn't get to Banff.
  9. From my understanding the guvmint already has a real good idea what all is out there just by the 4473(s) alone. All of this information is in a database somewhere along with the NIICS information that is NOT supposed to be stored as records. Not all firearms are with the initial purchasers but enough of them are. The guvmint at least knows what has been sold initially. IMHO what this translates to is the reason for the push for a formal registry (like Canada had but just trashed after 10 years of getting nowhere) is to simply use the existence of it to falsely justify charging another tax. This revenue will allow the Democrats to pocket and spend more of our money they way they want as opposed to WE THE PEOPLE spending the funds the way WE want. The registry will cost nowhere near the amount of tax revenue charged and collected however Congress will lie and claim otherwise to avoid being called out for "taxation without representation". Simply put, this is more communist bullpoopy. For the longest time I've seen the reason(s) for gun control as basically 50% pushing for it because they are paranoid, dominating and controlling communists that want as little resistance as possible when they move to take over the country. The other 50% calling for gun control doesn't really care about firearms and/or firearms issues at all yet they see 2nd. Amendment issues (like immigration issues) as another political football (for votes) and an extra revenue source. Both sides are treasonous and need to be dealt with accordingly.
  10. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Oh man this one is bad ... so damn shameful ...
  11. Awesome price. $3.00 less per box than it was when it went on sale last year it seems. Thanks for posting. I'm going to get some of this and the 168(s). Hoping they put the 64 grain Gold Dot back on sale too.
  12. GRA

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Good one ...
  13. Just ordered SB Tactical SBA3 pistol stock set. Got a 7.62x39 pistol in the works.