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    Gulf Coast Texas
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    Firearms; to include muzzleloaders, shooting, hunting, fishing, and history. Wanting to learn more about long rage shooting and AR15 / AR10 / LR-308 related gunsmithing.

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  1. Here’s one: https://mailchi.mp/midwestindustriesinc/black-friday-2020?e=700e32c97f
  2. Stay prepped for Cyber Monday. So far I’ve received ads from Sportsman’s Guide, Classic Firearms, a pre Black Friday e-mail or two from Brownells, Natchez, and that’s it. No ammo sales but. I’ll check out Criterion and Wilson for a Grendel barrel. I don’t hope for much this year.
  3. I’ll get a couple of these and another trigger. 👍
  4. Geissele maritime bolt catch - (2) HK-type song loop for rail mount A2 rifle length buffer tube Extended picatinny rail top cover for FAL OEM metal handgards for FAL
  5. GRA

    The FN FNAR

    That’s cool. So far I have a non-illuminated Nikon M-Tactical .308 I’m going to try but Nikon is about to be extinct so if this unit works well I’ll have to find another and dedicate it to the rifle as it has no provisions for backup irons. Just a rail for an optic.
  6. GRA

    The FN FNAR

    Yes thank you I had arrived at a similar performance level but I don’t know how smooth the action is compared to an AR10 so I’m looking at who holds the best zero.
  7. I’ve never reloaded anything other than shotgun somI have no experience like you and 98 but I think I should point out that Alabama will have a constantly more dense and heavier air since it’s a humid Gulf Coast state with far less altitude than Montana so you’ll definitely need to load a little different and possibly use a different powder. Thanks for the information 👍
  8. COOL ... how about this .260 REM compared to the 6.5 Creedmoor?
  9. GRA

    The FN FNAR

    Picked up an FN FNAR this past week. Haven Had a chance to get it out yet due to the first hurricane of the year we’re having this weekend. Was smart enough to get some extra mags as they were selling at $50.00 each. 20” HB in polymer furniture. Anyone that may be able to share some of their experiences with one it will be appreciated such as optics, etc. 👍
  10. Just curious ... how does this .260 Remington compare to the .243?
  11. Want to buy a side-mount reticle / crosshair illuminator for a Hensoldt Z24 model scope. This was offered once by Leapers UTG, part #SCP-972 This is the scope that usually comes mounted on the H&K claw mount, originally used on the G3 and sometimes on the FN FAL. Please advise ASAP if one is located and available.
  12. These are usually very good mags. I’ve used some for a while now. 👍
  13. Go to the online reloaders for a while. They often provide very reliable ammo for decent prices.
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