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anderson 308 free float kit & qpq vs nib


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Hello all,


New to this great site and hoping someone can help. 


I'm doing a 308 build on a DPMS low profile upper and would like to use the Anderson 308 free float kit.  Does anyone here have one? Need to know if the rail will be the same height as my upper.  Info on the web says it will be level with the Anderson 308 upper.  Does anyone know if the height of the Anderson upper is the same as DPMS low, high or completely different?


I'm also wondering how a qpq bcg will compare to nib?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again.



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First, read this thread, so you're familiar with the measurements of the different receiver heights:


Once you've got that down, call Anderson, and ask them what the same measurements are on their upper.  That'll tell you if that rail will work on your proposed upper.

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QPQ is the new stainless... but black.

NiB is the new chrome... but not as shiney.

One is a "treatment" and the other is a "coating".

I personally think NiB is a bit more effective, but it all comes down to the company doing the work. A good QPQ will outlast a bad NiB, and vise versa. Both are frictionless and reduce corrosion. Both are better than the previous generation of options. Both are better than nothing.

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Any coating/treatment makes BCGs soooooo much easier to clean.  I picked up a toolcraft/cryptic coatings BCG for my 308 build and it's pretty d@mn impressive.  Even the newer NiB coatings are better than the first gen.   


JP uses the QPC so it's gotta be good stuff.  The mystic PVD coating is really worth checking out.  It's the most impressive coating I've seen and i have a salient TiN BCG, two lantac enhanced BCGs with the newer exo NiB and some regular NiB bcgs. 

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That's shiny! 


Does the high polish on the bcg make the recoil smoother or does it increase lubricity?


Reminds me of my friend's gold Desert Eagle.  He shot it once cleaned it and locked it up in the safe only to be brought out for show & tell :o)

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