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Lee 9mm bullet seating die


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Hello guys, I have put off loading pistol rounds becuase I wasn't sure of the awnser of the question I'm about to ask.

Does a pistol seating die also give a crimp like a rifle die does? Or should crimping be done on its own step with a crimping only die?

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It depends on the Lee dieset.  Most standard 3-die sets by Lee, the third die is a seating/crimping die.


Lee's 4-die set has one die for seating, a separate die for crimping.


If you are shooting metallic silhouette at 200 meters with your handgun, then do the operations separately.


If you are looking to practice making liquid relief holes, the more holes the better and "one ragged hole" accuracy isn't necessary.

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Ah ok so the die has 2 adjustments


   Yes, he means that you set the die so it doesn't crimp the case ( raise the Presses ram with a 9mm case in it ,into the die & screw the die down until you can feel the crimp touch the case & back it off a little )  then seat a bullet  , after you have your proper COL set , you back away the seating stem enough so you can screw the Die to set the crimp with out the seating stem seating the bullet any farther into the case , once the crimp is set , with the press ram still all the way up  ,like your seating a Bullet & crimping the case around the Bullet ,screw the seating stem back down to make contact with the bullet & lock it down .


  This will give you a fully seated bullet , with a crimp , just make sure your COL didn't change ( because the seating stem may not be far enough down , seat another bullet to see where its at ) & if it did move, adj. the seating stem correct it . Or you can set the die to only seat the bullet & Crimp in another step . Its what I do , but I also hand prime all my ammo .


  The bullet pushing back into the case can be a weak crimp or your COL was too long for the chamber . 


  9MM should be a Taper crimp , because the 9MM 's case head space's in the chamber on the case mouth & it will not feel like a crimp , more like light swaging , because all your doing is closing the case around the Bullet . Just like the 45 ACP & a bunch of others. 


  Lee also has a Factory Crimp Die , that puts a decent Crimp on the Brass .It has its own instructions .

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