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MassAmmo A+ Customer Service

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Just had a good resolution to an issue with poor quality ammo I bought from MassAmmo. I had ordered a 200 round can of Federal 168 OTM M1A ammo from them. I received the ammo in three days but was disappointed when I opened the can, lots of dents and lacquer runs;

mass2.jpgIMG_0298.JPGspent 10 minutes trying to flip the pic #*^%#*

Sent them these pics and asked why they didn't list it a seconds, they replied with an apology, can was sealed and they had no idea of the condition, it should have been top run. They offered to either give me a full refund and a shipping label to send it back or send it back in exchange for an equal number of XM118LR. I took the XM118 since I normally shoot the same 175 SMK in other match ammo like FGMM 7.62 and it is priced 10 cent a round higher than the original order. 

This outfit has sporadic inventory that sells out fast but I've always gotten top shelf stuff for a good price, got a 1,000 MK319's for 60 cent a round last year. Now I know they will stand behind what they sell.



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Glad they handled it for you. I read ammo suppliers fine-print before buying. Some word theirs in a way that just makes me not want to buy from them (such as saying if it is stolen in transit they are not responsible) while others offer package insurance to replace it if it is stolen. I've never had an order not show up but I suppose it could happen even out here in the country.

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Got the replacement XM118LR today, super fast shipping and they all look great.

I tend to think the first batch was a result of something wrong on the assembly line, up close the dents and gouges were varied enough in the angles that they couldn't all have been from lugs.

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