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  1. Found a Meprolight M21 with the bullseye reticle at Universal Mania for $391 (they have it listed as a Mako M21) Best price I've seen so I talked myself into it.
  2. Frankh252

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Ol boy might not wanna show his face in one of our yards
  3. Frankh252

    TacOps-1 Reviews

    Thanks all, There may not be the combo trigger & Tac-1 Handle deal anymore but I reckon a Velocity trig & Tac-1-QCB from MechA purchased individually will suffice
  4. Frankh252

    TacOps-1 Reviews

    Are there any more of these triggers to be had? I already have two (love 'em) but couldn't find a third today on the MechArmor site...
  5. Frankh252

    Long range ar???

    Awesome info. Thanks mrmackc
  6. Frankh252

    Noreen 80% Billet Lowers for $ 49 @ Brownells

    Do ghost guns go boo or bang? Haha I guess some ghosts can have teeth after all
  7. Frankh252

    New 308 Build

    Wouldn't that be nice? One company I rate an F- in customer service is Modulus Arms. They sent a scratched up receiver and when asked for an exchange the best they would offer was a 15% credit for me to have it refinished on my dime. I've since learned the quality difference between a cheap forged part and a good billet part, so theirs went into the scrap pile and are on my don't buy from them list.
  8. Frankh252

    Barrel Query

    Pistol length: 6-3/4" Carbine length: 9-3/4" Mid length: 11-3/4" Rifle length: 15-3/16"
  9. Frankh252

    New 308 Build

    Got the replacement BCG in a few days ago and it works fine. Gotta say the customer service at Ballistic Advantage is better than I've seen anywhere else. I've never seen a company that would send out a $200+ replacement item before receiving the return back & checking it for problems but Ballistic Advantage did. They even provided the return label in the box the replacement was shipped in.
  10. All the dough means I buy fewer slices/leaves more $ for other things, like ammo
  11. I had a frozen pizza once; it was an unspeakable horror. But I like Pizza Hut deep dish so my judgement is questionable at best.
  12. Cat got your tongue? lol
  13. Frankh252

    New 308 Build

    I don't know what model it is but this one still has the BA flame logo rather than the Aero "A". I hadn't heard of their hook-up with Aero before you mentioned it and a check of their website says Aero purchased a majority share of the BA company in Dec 2014 and BA is operating as a majority owned subsidiary of Aero. The 'ding' it is putting on the case rims is very noticeable by feel but I haven't had much luck getting a good clear picture with this phone-camera I have.
  14. Frankh252

    New 308 Build

    Well it turns out that the new Ballistic Advantage BCG has some kind of an issue, perhaps with the extractor judging by the marks it puts on the rim of a case (kind of like it is just ramming into the rim without slipping over and engaging it). The DPMS BCG works fine in both uppers and the BA doesn't work in either. Fortunately, BA is being great with their customer service and has shipped a replacement without even waiting for the return to arrive.
  15. 500 rounds IMI 7.62x51 147g M80 and 500 rounds Prvi Partisan 308 145g FMJBT and some new mil-spec 50cal & 30cal ammo cans to store some of 'em in