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You want free float. Just like a traditional hunting or target rifle you dont want anything touching the barrel that could influence it in any way.

You will need a wrench specific to the barrel nut on your AR-10 and quite possibly a different wrench for the nut that comes with your handguard. You will also need a upper receiver vise block/action block to hold the upper securely and prevent damage. Alternatively you can use barrel vise jaws that can be trickier

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Figured it would be more accurate and better with the free float. Now I just need to know which are easier to install between the SWS and the DD and the LaRue. Does anybody know anything about the MI hand guards?

MI I believe only has the drop in variety for the AR-10. Are the Larue actually available? Looks like the DD AR-10 Lite Rails arent available with the AR-10 barrel nut at the moment. SWS has documentation here

Jeez i havent looked at these prices in a while .....ouch

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I have DD and LaRues on my AR15s both great quality. I am leaning towards the LaRue because it comes in a 13"2". That said I was at RifleGear the other day in Costa Mesa and Matt told me he has heard of a 14" DD. I have a 21" barrel that I want to cover up more than 12". I have a message into DD and will give a heads up.

I was also talking to PWS about their rail system, I like it and the way it is made. They don't make an AR10 specific Rail but they did recommend DD. Just thought I would throw that out.

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I did find a 14" DD LiteRail for an AR15 platform. I was able to handle an SWS the other day and might go that way. I like their 14" also. I wasn't able to handle that. I also didn't realize Noveske uses them for their applications. On the website they look fragile, not in person they are made very well.

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I have a SWS E1 on my AR-10 and highly recommend it. The photos of the product don't do it justice.

I have 3 Larue rails for my AR-15's, and have previously owned KAC and (back in the day) an ARMS SIR, and the SWS is first rate.

My only complaint is that they don't offer a slightly longer version that would cover the gas block on a rifle length barrel and still have the full rails. They make Noveskes rail in a 14" length, but its not offered as a stand alone part.

Another thing to consider with the SWS is the price includes the barrel nut wrench in the price, unlike many of the others...

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I'm building an Armalite AR10A4 carbine and I'm trying to find a free float handguard for it. The thing is, I don't want a quad rail, as I want it to be light weight and don't want it to be bulky. I do want a full top rail matched up to the receiver, but I want to be able to place small sections of rail just where I need them. I've searched and called everywhere I can think of, and the only real option I've found is the JP or VTac handguard.

If anyone knows of any others out there, please let me know.


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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the post. I've looked at the SWS stuff, and I have considered it, but I'm waiting to hear back from Apex. I wrote them a while back to see if their handguards would fit the AR-10, and right now they don't, but they later sent me a message saying they expect to have their AR-10 version out on November 1st. I'm not in an extreme rush, so I'll wait to see what happens.

Chuck them out at http://www.apexcncmachine.com/

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