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Help A Newb Build. Questions and Direction please.


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So only purchase i currently have is 308 DPMS %80 lower currently un drilled. 

I Literally know nothing about these. Have done some re search but end up getting lost is the read and have no clue what is being talked about. Only experience i have is i built a dirt cheap AR-15 that i bought as a package deal. 

Im not trying to brake the bank on this build but i also want a very nice accurate long range "800+" shooting rifle.

I was the barrel and trigger is the most important parts not to cheap out on and started looking into some very expensive barrels when i started seeing all of these options such as matched bolts and gas blocks and entire upper assembly and matching parts and so forth? That got me thinking, before dropping all of this money on a barrel do i need to get all of this matching stuff with it? with it help? Did i limit my self with the lower i already have? Would it be waisted money to get all that fancy stuff and put it on the lower i have or is that lower fine? 

is there a buyers guide that i can check off each part as a buy it so i don't miss anything?

Do you guys have suggestions on what i can cheap out on and what i need to spend good money on?

Was looking at spending like $4-600 on barrel including if i need to do matching stuff or what ever. So 4-600 spent with the barrel company. and under $200 for the trigger. Maybe $500 for the rest of the stuff needed?

Not including scope, was planning on spending over 1k for that.

So would that make a nice ar or not? suggestions on where to spend money or where to save? is there a more realistic price point for parts? Anything at all you want to add in for need to knows?

I currently have all the money i need to buy everything, just waiting to figure everything out.

I also live in CA so i have a few laws i need to follow.

Thanks for the help.


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So you don't really know about the platform, have never really assembled a small platform rifle (you stated package deal, I'm assuming some sort of kit), and you want to do this on the absolute minimum budget possible.

What could go wrong?


Are you mechanically inclined? You have an 80% lower, did it come with a jig? Do you have the needed tools to assemble a rifle?


Your post has me thinking you are a novice. This in itself isn't a bad thing, but I can tell you that you should have read more and spoke less already. There is plenty in the forum to answer 95% of all your questions. Start there. 

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