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Everything posted by shepp

  1. We’re to waning crescent, soon to be new moon. I know you were concerned @98Z5VI thought you’d like an update
  2. Also curious No that dumb fuck went outta business, from what I’ve heard mid city has been good and they’re right down the road from the titty bar ****edit I follow them on Facebook and actually been meaning to get in there, but I don’t get that side of town often.
  3. Fuck all those people right in the neck
  4. That’s what I thought lol
  5. shepp


    For you guys with out a smoker, or grilling on gas grills you should give this a try. My buddy and I always get each other little gifts when we go on vacation, he’s a big foodie too. I saw this and regular salt in a few places in utah. I finally picked it up and read the label thought it was pretty cool. The smoked is freaking good, I’ve been putting it on eggs and or hashbrowns in the morning. I think it would be amazing on a steak I got the chefs blend https://redmond.life/products/real-salt-smoked-salt-shaker-5-5-oz?variant=40059287404592
  6. Musta gone to my junk box, please resend
  7. I’ve got like 3 but only one rifle length case. Unless I’m coming to the fall shoot I’m normally not bringing an arsenal with me. I actually bought it spring of 15’ for when I went out to AZ, I was wheeling it thru the Luxor cuz I wasn’t leaving it in the car and my ex was freaking out. I’m like no one knows what’s in here for all they know this is a guitar or bass
  8. https://magpul.com/daka-grid-organizer-pelican-v730.html?mp_global_color=118 I have the 1750 also, by then at least there should be some good reviews.
  9. im kinda excited for this I have one pelican case, I should have more but this kinda solves the issue I’ve always thought of. I go out west I wanna bring my bolt gun and my .308 for back up that’s one foam kit, I go to Oklahoma to hunt cranes I wanna bring two shot guns that’s another, come to the fall shoot I put my two ar’s in there that’s another. This eliminates all that and honestly is a great idea!
  10. More this than the conspiracy side of it. Why spend the money on something to take away sales…..
  11. I tried 3 of my local gun shops to see if they had or could order that 502 for me they all literally laughed and said good luck. I ended up finding one at scheels in Appleton two hours away, they are a chain but a badass one. So I bought it online and drove up there. Needless to say I’ll but looking for the 545 here asap
  12. shepp


    Been pretty warm here (30°) so I grilled again tonight. Boneless skinless chicken thighs rubbed in kosmos hot dirty bird and a couple TBs of EVO, tossed and set in the fridge for an hour or so. Grilled them 20/25 min at 350°
  13. shepp


    Yea it would be alot easier with a thicker cut steak!
  14. I know you got the FN45, do you have any others? Or fondled the 509? if either of these guns feel as good in my hand I’m 100% in
  15. shepp


    I’ve been working on rev searing steaks. Friday I did a semi boneless ribeye, as my local grocery store calls it, went till 100° at 180 then seared each side 500°, 4 min. It was juicy but alittle more done than most would like. Tonight I did a porter house 45 min 150 then seared at 450 for 2 min each side also good and more med rare on the inside.
  16. I know I know the rule……… anyone own any of these tools, the kits look pretty good and I should get something better than the pieces together mess of old tools and Allen wrenches that came with parts lol https://store.fixitsticks.com/collections/all-shooting-hunting
  17. I know this song has been posted before , but I just recently listed to the lead singer tommy vex on a podcast called Citizen. Dude basically gave up a multimillion dollar career or had it stripped from him because he didn’t believe what went on during the pandemic was right.
  18. fuck that, bubba and I were talking tonight we wanna do This https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnAY0U2NQ6Z/?igshid=MWI4MTIyMDE=
  19. I’m still giggling about the “.45 guy” approach they took
  20. I tell you what if that 545 feels anywhere close to as good as that 502 I just picked up, I’m buying one for each hand!
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