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Everything posted by shepp

  1. I’m balls deep in Yellowstone, just about caught up and it’s been 3 weeks
  2. We make real maple syrup here too, right outta the sugar maple down the road
  3. That’s not maple syrup, that’s corn syrup with maple flavoring……. next you’re gonna call Kraft singles cheese……
  4. I actually was waiting for it to be a joke
  5. That’s what I told him, even sent him a tutorial
  6. I agree! I learned a lot about bears over the years in the wood. The best learning was hunting them. I’ve been the same distance from a black bear as a Canada goose and only one tried to kill me it wasn’t the bear
  7. Before you type anything in the reply box push submit reply and you’ll beable to post photos also all this is one of many reasons I don’t buy firearms from box stores. If any of you come down here I’ll bring you to dam road, it’s like 60 years of hun shop in a garage and it’s great.
  8. shepp


    @sketchwhats this?
  9. shepp


    Thank you sir it was! Hell yea it is!! Brine too
  10. shepp


    Think I got this turkey thing down. Cut the spine out and put in treagers brine with an orange and about two cups of bourbon Tuesday night. This morning I fired up the green mountain grill took the turkey outta the brine patted dry and rubbed with a 50/50 butter and grand mariner, and treagers turkey rub. 225 for the first hour basted with alil more butter booze mix and bumped up to 275° Till internal temp hit 160°. Most juicy flavorful turkey I’ve ever had
  11. He’s going to be at the crystal grand theater in the dells in January
  12. 🦬🦬🦬Happy thanksgiving Heathens🦃🦃🦃
  13. I’m not sure he’d be down to snuggle in the back of my truck with me
  14. If you have decent internet peacock it 4.99 a month. Once I’m caught up I’m cancelling it cuz the rest is on Hulu live which is my main source of viewing
  15. Been listening to a lot of this guy they call me wild fire If you’ve watched Yellowstone you probable heard both these guys
  16. ❤️❤️❤️ i do too, I haven’t seen much action with them when I’ve randomly checked faxon’s web site I home they do a run on them although I’m also curious about running 7.62x39 surpressed
  17. So instead I just put my name on the list for a faxon ARAK 300blk barrel and bolt………
  18. I just about bought a box yesterday afternoon I’m glad I waited lol
  19. That’s exactly what I’m looking at, will it fit in your 308AR tho?
  20. that’s pretty loud 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but only one bang
  21. In all seriousness, subsonic 7.62x51 be as Hollywood as 300blk? If so I’ll bite errrr um the bullet
  22. what you gonna do hide in my fridge and make me buy them? Good luck getting past hank
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