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Barrel Cool Review


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I recently purchased this Barrel Cool fan/chamber flag and had a chance to use it a couple times now. Temperatures have been on the cool side so it hasn't gotten a real test yet but so far it seems to make a difference with the suppressor. I have always hated waiting so I'm constantly looking for ways to move things along. When I shoot it is almost always at a rapid pace. The time I had to wait for the suppressor to cool before I could handle it enough to move it from one rifle to another was really irritating me so my search for a solution led me to this product. At 50 degrees I have been able to handle the suppressor after running the barrel Cool for the time it takes me to walk the hundred yards and back to change a target, this is after three 5 round groups shot, 10 seconds per group and the time it takes to load the next. The price seems a little steep and batteries being the CR123's will be expensive to replace, they are said to run 7-11 hours before needing changed.

When it is used as shown with the bolt pushing it forward the tube would stick in the chamber and have to be pushed or pulled out. If I cut it a bit shorter this might not happen, I will try using it with the small chunk of tube I had to cut off to fit it in the rifle and see if it is still as effective on the suppressor. The switch is real small, my nerve damaged fingers can't really feel the thing when I try to turn it on and off but then the chances of bumping it off are slim.

If I am still using it in 5 years then I would say it is worth the money.




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I've looked for a rechargeable replacement for CR123 batteries in the past, they only seem to make the proper voltages in the larger ones that would not fit in this fan. For the little bit it will be used I'll suck it up and use the CR123's rather than chance damaging the electronics. I always have a couple dozen or more spread around glove boxes, range bags, and go bags. 


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Update; My Barrel Cool took a crap. Can’t imagine it had more than 5-6 hours on it tops but it did get hauled around in the range bag the whole time I had it. I thought it just needed new batteries but all that did was make the whine louder. It wouldn’t move much to any air. I emailed the company Sunday and they had a replacement ready for shipping this morning. Even better they sent a shipping label to return the old one and figure out why it failed. Good to know that even though they only list a 90 day warranty they still back up their product without a hassle.

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