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Armalite TAC18


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Hi, and thank you for being here.

I took the Armalite to the range today for a 100yrd accuracy test. I previously fired 160rds of LC NATO breaking the rifle in and rough sighting at 25yrds. I had zero malfunctions. Today I was having FTE on every other magazine. Most of the time on the first round chambered by dropping the bolt, but then it happened twice half way through the magazine. I am using PMags and a 10rd Hexmag. Put another 100rds through the rifle had 5 FTE. Could the chamber be dirty that quickly? Could the extractor spring gotten weak that fast? I stripped the rifle down and thoroughly cleaned everything. Everything looked good and fresh ammo dropped in and out of the chamber, no problem. Hand cycling resulted in no problem either. I’ve attached the Armalite specs for the rifle, it does have an adjustable gas block. Accuracy at 100yrds with the LC NATO 149gr ball was pretty good. 

A tactical workhorse, the AR10TAC18 is the perfect tool for duty and defense. All Armalite Tactical Series rifles come equipped with MAGPUL MBUS flip-up sights and MOE+ pistol grips. The dual-purpose flash hiding compensator tames recoil while reducing signature. The sturdy 15″ tactical Key-Mod handguard provides ample hand placement and a full-length MIL-STD 1913 12 o’clock rail for sights an accessories. An adjustable gas block also allows the rifle to be individually tuned for optimal performance for your choice of ammunition and/or suppressor use.








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2 hours ago, gdonley308 said:

Yes, fully stripped and cleaned before firing. BCG and Upper heavily lubed (wet) with EWL. 

Well, then it wasn't burned up packing lube in it that gummed it up...  There goes my possible theory...

Happen on just one particular magazine? 

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No it happened with both the 10rd Hexmag and the 20rd PMag? I’ve ordered a extra power extractor spring from Springco and a David Tubb SS flat wire buffer spring. The Tuub’s Springs I put in every AR I own including my two 6.8mm AR’s. The have a 500,000 round device life. The military adopted them too. Rifle will be long wore out before the buffer spring. The also increase lock time. My ejection pattern was a perfect 4 o’clock at 8’ with both the Federal and LC, so I don’t think it’s over gassed?

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Do, doesn't seem like a gas issue at all.  I was wondering about the mags, possibly a new-mag issue, but that doesn't seem to be it either (exact same issue with two completely different magazines).

The extractor spring replacement is the logical choice here, and Sprinco is pure quality. Your course of action makes perfect sense.

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