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Canadian Firearms industry fighting back

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For a brief overview on Canadian Firearms Law


A lot of the fun guns ended up being classed as restricted limiting their use to approved ranges only.The AR -10 and AR-15 were made restricted by name not physical parameter.The newer 308ARs were classed as variants of the AR-15.Rumor has it that the firearms council(full of antis) took the 1989 Gun Digest and circled all the scary looking guns and made them either prohibited or restricted

The good news is that newly designed firearms were classes on their overall and barrel length not as being an AR variant. Rumor has it this is done by trying the lower with existing uppers to see if they fit.

To that end several Canadian manufactures have submitted firearms that are similar and many case use a majority of available AR components(furniture,barrels,triggers etc) which not only keep cost down but allow further customizing after purchase.

In no particular order-

BCL102  in .308 and soon available in 6.5Creedmore



 The Kodiak Defense WK180 in 5.56 with 7.62 x 39mm being talked about




 Macabee Defense is making a stripped upper/lower that allows one to transfer all the existing parts of an AR-15 and creating a non-restricted rifle(as long as overall length and barrel length meet the criteria.



I would be remiss in not pointing out that a number of USA manufacture have worked with Canadian distributors/retailer to provide/make changes to comply with Canadian law and providing more options for non-restricted firearms.

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He is right about one thing, the laws are confusing and can appear contradictory.In some cases there are exceptions to the exception.

 While you guys south of the boarder have 'boating' accidents,in Canada we have Mike in Canmore who buys everyone's guns. He's recently opened up a pawnshop...


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It's a nice theory but the reality is that our numbers are to small and while a chunk of the population is indifferent to firearms it also means they are indifferent if they are banned. 


The population of my province(blue outline) is 4.6 million,heck California has more people living in that one state then all of Canada.Trying to organize the different groups has been an ongoing challenge. We don't have the 2nd or anything like it in our corner. 

 Up here it's more of a long term guerrilla were we fight on a number of fronts.Social media and the internet has helped and allowed us to get our message out and fight the antis publicly along with educating the non-shooters that before only heard the antis message via a biased media.

The threat of tougher new regulations has gotten people off the fence and increasing the number of firearms owners and spike in gun sales,gun ranges have waiting list.

Ironically if I moved to the USA,I'd have to a good 30-35% of my stuff on this side of the boarder.Then depending on which state I chose I'd lose more.I have 2 FFL dealer/importers I use to get stuff out of the USA but once it's in Canada guns can be mailed directly to a persons house. 

 While things still have a ways to go we've made some gains with the previous government and now the current government is trying to bring in new laws but it's being fought.

If things don't work out here maybe you'll let me know where this utopia of freedom is that I'm free to own what I want ,do what I want as long as my actions don't cause a problem(snowflakes be dammed)



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