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point me in the right direction....


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I am currently in the middle of an AR15 build and want to do a .308 build next and have begun research and development stage.  I must clarify a few things before i get to the meat and taters.   I am a meat hunter, not a horn hunter.  Dont care to much for bling, its nice but i can do without.  I am not looking for a bar-b-que gun, I want to build a tool.  function and accuracy are all I care about.  I also do not care for considering 6.5 credmoore or any other rounds.  My first upper I want in .308 winny and the second will be in 375 raptor.  Maybe down the road i will consider another caliber such as 6.5 or maybe even 22-250. I want .308/7.62 first because its a NATO round and my current deer/hog rifle is in .308.   I dont know how it is on this forum yet, this is only my second post.  I have seen on other forums how everyone suggests rounds and i know they probably mean well but I am completely green to this type of rifle and I know what i want (I think)

I am wondering right now about barrels.  WOA dont make 308.  Ussually i go with WOA, faxon, Or ballistic advantage for an AR 15 barrel.  I want a bolt and a barrel from the same company for obvious reasons... as you can tell by my examples I like good accuracy with a decent price.  I understand bigger bore is bigger dollars as a general rule but whats a company that sells a straight shooting barrel with a bolt to match.  And let me be specific, if i cant get sub MOA at 100 yards I am not interested and i would like to still be good on a deer or hog at 5-600 yards and minute of man at 800,.  I would like the length weight to not be totally unusable for a defensive weapon, if needed.  Kind of a happy medium but with more emphasis on accuracy than weight.  I am fairly good sized and plenty strong so a little heft aint a deal breaker.  

Also, is Aero Precision good receivers for 308?   I like them for AR 15s. 

Also Whos good on gas blocks? 

And one more quick question, is it pretty much the same on 308 ARs as AR15s?... put the money on barrel block and trigger or are there other concerns?

I thank anyone in advance for any advice or help you can offer. 

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Get receivers from the same company, and you already mentioned Aero - go with them.  They are great large frame receivers.  Fantastic.

I'm pretty sure you can get a matched bolt with both Faxon, and Ballistic Advantage (Aero owns BA, now, too).  Rainier Arms will do it for you, too.  There are also companies that will match YOUR bolt to one of their barrels, when you buy the barrel from them.  If you want a dead-on barrel, then call Wilson Combat - and ask if they'll headspace YOUR bolt to one of their barrels.

Trigger.  Yep, you nailed it.  Good barrel, solid fitment, and a good trigger are going to make your accurate gun. 

Gas block?  Get a Geissele Super Gas Block, and pin it.  It's set up for it, and it's easy to do.

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Sorry mods I dont know what happened there.  I guess that dont work on this site?  It wouldnt let me type or use enter or nothing.  Cursor was just froze in one spot blinking at me.  I even tried to close the window but it saved the draft. 

any way... thanks 98Z5V  I always do run a Geissele Super Gas Block unless i was to go with a company like O.W. and they give a free gas block with it.  I will check out Wilson and Rainer. 


Any other good companies for 308 AR  pipes?

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