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ArmaLite cam pin, ejector, ejector roll pin, gas rings questions


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Where can I get spare cam pins for the AR-10? Can someone tell me what the size of the ejector roll pin is? Where I can get spare ejectors? I'm also trying to track down gas rings for the AR-10. I understand that they are McFarland one-piece rings and I found a place that has them in stock but they list them as DPMS compatible only.  Thank you.

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Thank you and I did see that but I have not found the kit in stock anywhere so I began to track down the individual parts.  I also think it's a little more than I want and need and I'd rather pick up multiples of a few parts than an entire kit.  I've purchased a few extractors and firing pin retaining clips.  I'd like to get a cam pin, ejector, ejector retaining pin (which I think is a common split retention pin) and gas rings.  I think Fulton Armory has the McFarland gas rings I need.  I think a complete bolt would be acceptable also and if it were an option, I'd forego the pursuit of individual parts.

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That Armalite field repair kit was put together by the former Chief Armorer of Armalite. It is a handy thing to have. When an extractor spring goes, it is the difference between ruining a good day of shooting, and a ten minute repair. I speak from experience on that one.

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I'm not disparaging the field repair kit.  It's just not in stock.   A lot of the places say the kit is in stock and then when I call to make sure (since it is out of stock at so many other places I want to check) they admit that it will have to come from their "warehouse" or supplier and they can only give an estimate but no guarantee that it would ship in a given amount of time.  Due to that, I went about trying to find the parts individually.  Also, there are some of those parts that I'd like to have more than one of without having to buy two or more $70 kits.  At this point I found the gas rings at Fulton Armory and I found extractor, ejector and firing pin kits (pins and springs included) listed "in stock" at Rhine Group but there doesn't seem to be a method to order them online.  I'll send them and email to find out more.

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