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Bushnell Nitro 2.5-10x44 FFP MIL

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Man, things sometimes just come together. I had just discovered the new Nitro line of scopes from Bushnell, and was asking about them on a "DMR/SPR" group on Facebook. Then, one of my real-life friends (who sold me my LR-308T and turned me on to building and modifying ARs) e-mails me a link to a Craigslist ad in Kansas City.

So I bought it. Just waiting for the seller to drop it in the mail.

Review to come.




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I am betting you are good to go. 
Bushnell has a very good employee discount, so much that you'll notice a large number of their scopes on the secondary market coming from near their HQ in Overland Park Kansas. Lots of employees make some cash on the side selling them on ebay and other online market.

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Turns out the girl who sold this to me buys "abandoned" personal property from rentals. Picture 'Storage Wars,' but with rent houses and apartments.

This particular scope came from the top shelf of a closet after the renter had been evicted from their apartment and didn't come back to pick up their sh1t...

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Scope showed up today. I can't say I've ever purchased a scope that came with more packaging. Outer sleeve, inner box, bubble wrap to protect the 'quick start' guide, custom-cut foam insert, bubble-wrapped and plastic-bagged scope. Good lord!

Having said that, I've never bought a scope with an MSRP of over $300 before, either. But still, if this is how Bushnell packages a $600 scope, do you get a custom-fit Pelican for a Nightforce, U.S. Optics, or Swarovski??

Planning to get this scope mounted up in the next week or so (SLR is sending me a couple of new barrel nuts for the CSASS...). Will take pics and give more info after that.

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7 minutes ago, Robocop1051 said:

That is almost identical to my Nightforce NXS

For a 16”-18” rifle, I find it to be perfect. I have hunted with 3-9x scopes all my life. 

Excellent grab!!!

...and I waited to mention this until I had it in my hands...

I only paid $300 + shipping ($10).

Midway has the lowest price on them right now, at near-as-makes-no-difference $500 for the FFPs.

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