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anuone shooting 6.5/284 or 6.5 PRC?


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Damn, brother - you sent me that PM, and I never got back to you.  i opened it and read it at work, at lunch - then spaced it out...

You are talking about 6.5-284 Norma, right?  Or, 6.5-284 Winchester?

They are almost twins, but neck diameter is the biggest difference.   You'll need to know what chamber the barrel maker is cutting (probably Norma), and you'll need to turn the necks down on Winchester donor brass...

Check it out:


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lol just figured you were busy with Xmas and all the stuff that goes with it yeah I want to build 1 more rifle and I would like to build it in either 6.5 PRC or 6.5 /284 in either Norma or win but I will read that article first then get back to ya... thanks and Happy New Year...

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@Magwa    Brother, with the newer Hornady 6.5mm 147gr ELD-M, then the BRAND NEW 153gr A-Tip, Hornady has updated the electronic data for their load manuals.  Here's the 6.5-284 data on the 147 ELD-M and the 153 A-Tip:

(It's uploaded here as a PDF, too, brother, if you can't download from the link below)




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I've already got a solid, solid load on my .260 for the 147 ELD-M, at 2650fps on that one.  I'm not changing over to the 153 A-Tip to gain the G7 BC increase from 0.351 to 0.355, 147 to 153...  My 147s are working TOO well to change anything in that load...   :thumbup:

This new data has to be more tailored for the 153s, because I'm running 43.0gr of RL-22 on the 147s, with a 2.785" COAL, through a 20" Wilson Combat barrel - and I'm getting 2650fps...   The hits downrange on the dope chart developed for that indicate that the velocity is on the money, at 2650, and that's shooting at 850, 1000, and 1100 yards for verification.  Check the .260 Rem new load data:


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well I am just torn on screwing with this load  140 Gr. eld M 43 grains H4350 fed. 210 primer I am at 2830FPS and the damn gun will shoot group after group under 1/2 inch MOA at the steel shoot Sunday I was 8 out of 11 targets the only ones missed were the 900 missed 2 inches left center. 1150,shot just under and missed the 1256 spotter could not see impact all others 350,405,510,597,611,740,800,and 850 were first round hits most in center these are 6 inch and 8 inch plates the 405 in a 4 inch plate... I think I am going to experiment with the berger 130 grain VLD hunter and get a bit more zip I had a blast was a fun shoot

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