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.224 Valk.... Barrel length?

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1 hour ago, jtallen83 said:

Not that I won't be very interested in your results but you will have a pretty small sample size and it doesn't sound like you can replicate the environmental conditions. I have always been curious how the receiver and the extension on AR's would change resonance of the same length barrel.

I totally agree on the sample size issue; but I appreciate the challenge. I can absolutely shoot indoors if I end up with results worth testing at that level. I'll simply have to drive somewhere to do it. Was already planning to make my own 300 Blackout rounds, so this seems like a worthy endeavor; and good excuse to get a longer barrel. I'm done hijacking this thread; but I found a cost effective solution to get at least three test barrels made. Green Mountain sells 25" blanks for $57.95... I'll start a new thread in the 300 Blackout section once those ship: The jtallen83 inspired 21.750" 300 AAC Blackout builds.

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This is a worthy endeavor. I was wondering about the Houston data and then JT brought it up. Look forward to what comes out of this.

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I’m also looking into this round , I’m more interested in 90- 105 grainers. I looking at getting a 1x6 twist blank from x caliber. I will also be making this a bull barrel. I will make my own gas block and run the whole tube out 1 inch with some heavy fluting. I’m thinking of a 26 inch tube! 

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