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My first Aero M5 build


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Here it is my first LR-308/AR-10 etc rifle

Barrel: Bear Creak Arsenal 16: 416r stainless 1:10 Heavy profile barrel/Aero Precision LP Gas Block/DPMS Mid-length gas tube, DMPS Profile

Handguard: Acme Machine 15" M-lok light weight HG/With UTG Sniper Bi-pod with QD mounted on 1 of the 2 5" m-lok rails that come with the HG DPMS high profile 

Muzzle device: KaK mini comp/flash hider (replacing with a Strike Industries Jcomp) 

Upper: Aero Precision M5 DPMS high profile 

BCG: Acme Machine 7.62 DMPS profile Nickle Boron BCG/standard GI charging handle, Replacing with Acme Machine 308 ambi charing handle with back in stock

Scope & Mount: Mount is a DIvision G4 SPR mount/found on Amazon for a great price, I have been using these mount for years, they are exactly like the Vortex mounts but for only $39.95/Prime shipping got it in a day. Scope is a Vortex 6-18x44 V-Brite retical Crossfire ii. Nice clear glass works well, now just need to sight it back in. I had a Rock River Arms mount that kept coming loose paid $70 bucks for it, took it back refund got the Division G4 1" mount. 

Lower: Aero M5 lower with Aero M5 lower parts kit

Aero M5 buffer kit, with Magpul MOE butt stock, would like a different stock just not sure what to get really. Would like maybe more cheek room 

Magpul MOE K2+ grip

2-20 round Magpul P-mags 

Second pic show with the Rock River mount, you can see the differnce in mass between the two mounts. I shaved like 5+ ounces off this rifle. I also had the Magpul SL-K Stock on it in that pic, didn't look right to me so got the MOE stock. That SL-K stock looked way to small on this rifle.

The two targets are from 105 yards with Federal 180 grain SP ammo & 150 grain 7.62x51 ammo. Just the shoot & see target with out the back target is the 7.62 the other is the 180 grain. I don't think it likes 180 grain much. I have to redo most of the test shooting after that mount kept coming loose, I really wasted about 100 round of ammo trying to zero that scope in to get off again for the mount coming loose. 

Other pics are build stage pics. Thanks 

Also it shows the 1x6 Primary Arms scope, which I sold with my AR15 pistol build to fund this build & optics. I did like that 1x6 but for hunting it wouldn't done what I want, I wanted a scope that I could dial in with the correct ammo & make the shot count & not have to worry where it really went. The 1x6 is really for CQC out to like 200-300 yards, I have seen some hit farther than that with those scopes but I'm not getting younger, wear glasses so need that good higher power scope. I know this has been a fun build & I also think that this build ended my relationship with the woman I was with, oops lol. 






20190520_170439 1.jpg




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