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Hand loading question


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I went today and shot some more of my 175smk over 44.5 Varget, then tried out some 150 spitzers over 46 Varget.  They both hit almost identical POI using same POA.  My 165s hit 1.5" high with the 175 sight in.  I reload but am by no definition of the term an expert.

Did I just somehow luckily hit the same node with the 175 and the 150?  I expected them to hit higher or lower but not the same.

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Good question.  I had read full length for ars due to cycling issues but I believe rcbs makes ar dies which I think may crimp the case and I got the impression reading about them that its kind of in between neck and full length sizing. I do t know if they make them in. 308. I was looking for.223. Just thought id share. I don't know of anyone with experience win em.

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Full length size them at a minimum, for semi automatic action rifles.

I use small base dies for my 5.56 & 308 , but I use my brass in a lot of different rifles .

Follow the manufactures instructions for your dies , to adj. sizing die.

Careful how much you back off a sizing die .

Do you have a case gage ? They are good for checking cartridge case head spacing .

You just got lucky with those two different weight bullets ,at that distance.

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