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Loading 224Valkryie


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So 98Z5V and I built 224Valkyrie's for the Fall Shoot . Tom's gun was completed and worked great while mine was pieced together because I couldn't get to my lower that was done.

Purchased a Hornady 2pc die set and a Lee FCD along with a Lee Quick Trim Die for the 224V . I will be using Federal 1X brass , so far I have been buying out WalMart stock of Federal 75grBTHP at each local store that carries the caliber. I'm up to 260 rounds. 

The projectiles I will start with are Hornady 75grBTHP with the red tip and Hornady 80grELD. I also have 1lb of Varget and 1lb of CFE223. Haven't decided on using Federal GMM SR primers or CCI 41, I have 400 of one and 1000 of the other.

Tom was talking about using 88gr ELD projectiles because the 75gr just get blow around by the wind ! I think that some 86grELD's or Tipped MatchKings might be the golden ticket!

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That Sierra MatchKing 90gr is supposed to be a bad bastard in 224 Valk, brother - don't get sucked in though - Sierra now makes a 95gr SMK, just for Valk, but the thing needs to be shot through a 1:6.5" twist barrel to run right.  1:7" just won't do it for that one. 

I'm WAY happy with how the Hornady 88gr Match ammo ran at the Fall Shoot - and I don't have a single thing yet for reloading this cartridge.  I'll get to it, eventually, but it won't be sooner, it'll be awhile. I need to duplicate that load, it did great. 

I wonder if Barnes has a TSX or TTSX for this thing...

EDIT - SHIIT...  They DO have a TSX, 78gr.  That's as big as they go in the TSX, but the thing has a BC of .383, and it's 1.145" long...   Nothing close in TTSX yet...

EDIT 2 - @MikedaddyH - that Federal American Eagle 75gr Valk isn't bad - I just tried it on a shiity day, with high wind, at 850 yards.  It did fine at 500 yards.  It's good, under that, too.  Plus, it looks like good brass, so that's a bonus.  When I get to making this stuff, I'll be using CCI 41 primers for all of it - I learned my lesson on the Grendels, and this is similar.  That much power in a little small-frame AR cartridge, it's gonna wear out primer pockets.  Just go with the 41s right off the bat, man.  I'm moving the .260 Rem over to CCI 34 primers.

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10 hours ago, MikedaddyH said:

Tom was talking about using 88gr ELD projectiles because the 75gr just get blow around by the wind !

My dope chart on those 88s was dead on the money at FS19.  RIGHT on the money.  It was 8.1 mils of drop at 850, just like the chart said it should be.  Last weekend, I had to pull 10.0 mils of drop to hit the 850 with the 75gr Fed American Eagle ammo.  That's a huge difference, right there.  Almost 2 more mils of drop.  All loaded ammo, between the two loads - factory ammo.

It was this vs. this. 



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5 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Blow 'em out with one of these, brother - Lyman case prep multi tool - but the chamfer bits are VLD chamfers, inner and outer.  :thumbup:


I got that one covered about 4 ways. The brass looks really good, rifle process is a little more time consuming than the pistol process. Worked on it for an hour and 10 minutes this morning for 56 pieces of brass . Including setup of two dies. Measured every piece. Love the Hornady die set. The Lee Quick Trim Die setup needs the power drill to be most effective. Go that route !!!

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Made 5 rounds Sunday from 2.25" to 2.28" going to check the fit in my chamber. Used 27.0gr of CFE223 and Fed205 primers under Hornady 75gr ELD-M projectiles. I have some 6.8spc mags that can take COAL of 2.3" , so going to try that also. Notice a mark on the projectile wear the seating stem makes contact with the bullet. Might try to polish that area on the stem. The tension feels pretty good but still going to use the Lee FCD. Did it on one round.

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Ok so I made all the rounds of CFE223 using the 75gr & 80gr bullets. 10each.

75 gr ELDM

27.0gr 27.3gr 27.6gr

80gr ELDM

26.1gr 26.4gr 26.7gr

Except the first batch the 75gr rounds had a COAL was between 2.250" and 2.271". The 80gr rounds were between 2.254" and 2.266".

My test round chambered up without any problems. It is 2.263" with the 75gr projectile. Fits with room to spare in the magazine.


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