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LaRue Tactical Compatibility Lower? any info?


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Hello again guys. A friend of mine is offering me a 18" LaRue upper that has only been shot 300 times. He informed me that it was 1195 new. But he is selling it to me for 500. SO!? I need to buy a good lower to accomodate it, but also for a good price. Any suggestions? Remember I don't have a TON of money so anything under 300 dollars would be nice. I looked at some Del-Tons and others but don't really know alot about them. Thanks.

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For that upper, I would build a good lower.  First choice would be using a stripped LaRue lower for it ($250).  You can complete the rest of it cheaply, and upgrade later as necessary.  MagPul MOE stock kit from DSG Arms, toss in a LPK and MOE Pistol grip, and you should be well under $200 there.  Something under $450 total, and you're a hell of alot better off for the rifle, and over the Del-Ton lower.  <dontknow>

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I'm with 98 on this. You don't put a nice upper on a cheap lower.

First and foremost, LaRue makes billet parts. If you buy a forged lower, your rifle is never going to look quite "right". Check out the MA-Ten group buy in the "for sale" section. Dave Branson can get you a good deal on a Mega Arms billet lower (Mod. GTR-3S). The LaRue's are really nice too, but expect to pay near $250. It always looks and works better when your upper/lower combo is made by the same company.

A standard LPK can run $45-$75 depending on when and where you buy it. Slap a standard kit in for now and upgrade as funds become available.

Last thing is a stock assembly. First decide on fixed vs collapsible. You won't save much money on one vs the other. A cheap UTG set can be found for about $50, and you will hate shooting your rifle. A custom set-up can run $400. My personal preference is a cheap fixed is more comfortable than a cheap collapsible. A realistic price range should be $100-$125 for a "starter" package.

Your "under $300" range isn't much of a reality if you're looking for a comparable quality to that LaRue upper. I definitely think you can stay under $400 though. I guarantee in time you'll want to upgrade that lower to take full advantage of the LaRue upper.

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