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Any significant reason(s) for an 18" faxon pencil over 16"?


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Hey guys, about to assemble my first AR, ever. The aesthetics of a 15 inch handguard with my 16 inch barrel killed me. I was wondering if there was any significant difference to go 18 inch instead.

im in Texas and don't think I'll ever have a long range shot. If I ever do want to go long range with this accurately then I'd go with a real barrel with weight and length.


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What caliber?  What do you consider long range?  What distance will you be shooting?  What is  the gun's intended use?  Targets?  Hunting?

If I assume 308 and 500 yards and closer, you will not likely notice any difference in performance between the two barrels.

What part of Texas are you in?  There are plenty of places to shoot distance in Texas.  You just have to know the right people or pay for the place.

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