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  1. Thanks. I think a cover for just the controls would be good to put on these things. Camp chef had one. Just a black plastic piece that hinged over it.
  2. As our good friends the Eagles would say: You can check out any time you’d like…
  3. What sort of problems have you had? My traeger made me happy for at least 5 years. The GMG is way better than my traeger was, I should still be plenty happy. I have to take the kids down for a dentist appointment today and I’m hoping we get out of there early enough to swing by the grill shop on the way home.
  4. We almost added that to the Kubota so we could swap gear. I gotta say, I’ve loved the hell out of the forks.
  5. I can buy 5 GMG’s for that one. I need the box of truth to tell me how many GMGs it takes to stop a rifle round. I think GMG is it. I can’t stomach the cost of the other one. Or the almost 700lbs added to the trailer if I want to haul it with me.
  6. I’d feel comfortable using it for cover in a shootout. That’s how solid they are.
  7. Went and looked at a couple yesterday. GMG is nice, but if you get the chance to fondle a Yoder…you’ll have serious grill envy. Those things are SOLID. Took the wife to see a couple today. Only I haven’t had a chance to check in person is the recteq. The price on the Yoders are crazy though. I could almost get 5 GMG for one Yoder. That tells me I’m probably going GMG, but I can still dream for a bit. They have a 1500s coming in next month that isn’t spoken for. $5k for a smoker seems a bit steep though, but I think per pound it’s a good price. They’re made out of plate steel…not sheet metal.
  8. Someday…a tracked bobcat is on my list. So easy to change implements and it goes everywhere. The brush hog the guy had when we cleared for septic was awesome.
  9. Not yet, but please tell us all about it…the Rule is in play.
  10. She’s gotta be a fun little driver. I hope you let the little Mrs drive it occasionally.
  11. Nice car @blue109 can’t wait to see what’s next.
  12. Doesn’t matter. He don’t need to be there. She’s got this down by now.
  13. For real? No joke? Not the spud part…we all know you’re potato.
  14. The burdizo is more fun than the banding. Just crimp each side for about a minute and done. They’re a lot calmer after the first crimp. Almost seem relieved when you hit them with the brand afterwards.
  15. Because deep down…we all enjoyed it.
  16. I was looking at that one too…that holds a bunch! I think I’m going to fix the traeger so I have two available and have one more decent one to be the go-to. I want to check out one of the Yoder grills in person. I don’t think I’ll be going for the $5k one, but might consider the $2500 range…might. I could get a couple of nice GMG’s for that much. I have plans to build a pit out of block at some point too, but I’ve been without a pellet grill for so long I need to remedy that first. Still debating if the sidekick is worth it on the Camp Chef. It definitely would be if I trailer it somewhere, like fall shoot. At home I have my gas grill right next to me, so that isn’t an issue here. There’s a lot of good choices out there. Hard to choose.
  17. It wasn’t gray when I started working for the family 7.5 years ago. Maybe it’ll come back?
  18. Does it burn pellets? I kinda got my heart set on another pellet burner.
  19. I think it’s just the way the sun reflects off it.
  20. 5 minute drive up the road. 4 hour hike home. sasquach? I thought that was Chewbacca.
  21. Was supposed to be back a little sooner today. We drove the minivan a little up the road to a campground near us, and hiked back home. I have to run the milage on it. Took a wrong turn and went around an extra mountain. Trying to get down the hill to look at some grills today. little Mother’s Day hike for mom.
  22. I don’t think this one blows over…
  23. Oh yeah. They have the only brushless motor on the market. Apparently more variable.
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