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Everything posted by DNP

  1. I’m not sure it would look as good on you as it does on her, but that’s just my opinion.
  2. Four legged animal…probably just like his cat.
  3. DNP

    hey guys

    Welcome from San Diego. I’ll be looking forward to see how your PSA tunes up. 1/2 MOA is going to be a challenge to get to, but it’ll be a lot of fun chasing it there. Keep us up to date as you make changes and test them out. Bring a reloader gives you a great leg up on the journey.
  4. Don’t leave it…grab a bottle of Jameson and hang out at the casa for a while. Win-win.
  5. DNP

    My last Elk

    Damn man. Sorry to hear all of that. The hidey hole is a bummer, but I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your dad. He’s right up there on the top of the prayer list and we’ll hope for more miracles to come.
  6. Every good hoarder has to own a bunch of cats.
  7. Every time I’ve been there he finds firearms he didn’t even remember he owned. Just piles of ammo, firearms, motorcycle parts and cats.
  8. Son of a bitch. I have to buy 5.
  9. How can it be 39 again…it’s like the old odometers. When it hits 100k it starts over.
  10. 39 again! Happy birthday!
  11. I thought you’d only been to Tom’s place one time? You’ve been at two shoots and I still haven’t met you? Crap.
  12. I’m thoroughly confused as Mack was the first to bring up the shorties…then 2 years later he’s calling folks sissy-men for using them. @mrmackc , you haven’t gone democrat on us now, right? He’s got more life experience than most of us combined…he can say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. I just sit here confused and say yes sir.
  13. DNP

    My last Elk

    He’s just squeezing out as much time in the wilderness with the wolf girl as he can. Probably squeezing a few things, really. Keep up the good hunt Magwa. May your aim be true and your freezer overflowing.
  14. You should get more than you paid for that Infiniti right now.
  15. Build starting for the six year old. Been waiting on this barrel to be in stock.
  16. Right on! Happy 50th Mrs. Madhouse! Don't give my wife any crazy ideas. We still have a ways, she just hit 41 last month…but I don’t need anyone setting the bar so damn high.
  17. There’s video out there of one of those 3” barreled guns being shot. Wouldn’t want to…but it works.
  18. Sweet. What mag well is that?
  19. DNP


    Just don’t do it in a plastic bucket.
  20. Scan tags sound great.l for the inventory purpose. RFID does not. However, I don’t know how easy it is to pick up on an RFID tag from a distance.
  21. Probably make them easier to recover after an accident.
  22. DNP

    My last Elk

    Next season I’ll come pack for you. Good luck on the hunt.
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