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AXTS .308 receiver set


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I was taking a look at their web site this week and noticed that they've got a 7.62 lower receiver listed as coming soon. I contacted them and was told that they're working on a matched upper/lower set and hope to have it available sometime this year. Looks pretty nice, but, based on the price of their 5.56 lowers, I expect it to be expensive.


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I'm still on the fence about the monolithic uppers. I know that they're more rigid and the alignment of the receiver and handguard rails is perfect since it's one in the same. The Mega Mono upper is really beautiful, but  I like the idea that I can switch around my parts if I should decide to change the barrel configuration on the gun, I also see that so far all of the ones I know of are at least a little heavier than I can assemble a two piece upper setup. I also like the idea that I'd be able to replace a damaged rail if I wanted without having to go for a whole new upper. I'm probably just making excuses because it's easier for me to buy the parts one at a time instead of dropping so much at one  time on the monolithic upper.

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I think your reasoning is sound . I have also looked into the Mega Mono for a LWRC lower I have ,but can't get by the cost.

The monolithic upper is a good Idea for some reasons ,but not for some others.

I think the military would like to have a free float handguard , but is not too crazy about something that screws on or clamps on . Even though they have some in service already.

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if your referring to the Lancer, I'd guess that in order to make it strong enough to mount rail sections too, they have to make it thicker than the aluminum Apex. If choosing between those two, I think your dealing more with the aesthetics, and the octagonal vs round shape than anything else. I doubt you could even feel the 4 tenths  of an oz. weight difference. I have the Apex on my 300 and really like the way it's machined on the outside for a nonslip grip. I'm not really a fan of the round shape and prefer the way a handguard with flat surfaces feels,(like a Daniel Defense rail) but I'm not sure how slippery the CF Lancer is. I may try it on my .458 upper. I think if you really want the lightest, you have to go with the round tubes like the Clark, but then all you get is a tube with no rails. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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