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Barrett REC10 question

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Hey guys. Thanks for allowing me to join the group.  I have made the move up from just 5.56 to .308. I love my REC10 but have a question hoping someone may be able to help on.  I ordered a Precision Armament M4-72 Heavy Duty Brake. Also the Accu-Washer alignment system.  When I took off the original flash hider, it appears there is not a shim to remove but there appears to be a built in shim from the factory.  It spins if I twist it but it neither tightens or loosens.  Im just trying to make sure Im not doing something to a gun that cost me over $2k.  I love the gun, but figure only better with this brake.  Just dotn wish to do something stupid. Ive seen on the typical AR platform that the old shim would just come off and you could put new on.  Doesnt appear to be the case here. 

Thanks for the any insight. Looking forward to participating in this group

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3 minutes ago, Radioactive said:

Would be up to you theoretically supposed to be a once and done but people have reused them. If it’s tight and aligned I’d use it and keep an eye on it. Others may have a different opinion. The shim method is good as well but may take several on off to get it right

Thanks for the input.  I was surprised just how well it matched up and was tight whenI put on the new brake.  All new stuff to me so figured Id ask some veterans to this.  I appreciate any thoughts

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10 hours ago, Kevin S Brummett said:

Would you all recommend removing and suing the accu washer system that came with my brake still??

Absolutely.  Accu-Washers are far superior to peel washers, and crush washers.  It's all I use for muzzle devices now, and for the last several years. 

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