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Dry Fire .


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Way back , early 1980 , Basic training , M-16 , We Dry fired our M-16's for hours on end utilizing a washer about the size of a nickel ?? It was placed right behind front site , on top of barrel and with weapon already ready , the object was to squeeze the trigger without the washer falling off . It was an attempt to teach everyone to Squeeze rather than Jerk . I used this weapon the entire 12 weeks of training including live fire without issue's .

Thus My question , Is dry fire Harmful ??  Back then the military did not seem to thing so , But that still does not mean it was a good idea .

Just wondering .

Thanks , Sincerely ,

Fred H.

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They still teach that way in the military and in law enforcement. Dry fire training is very common. I have never had a trigger or firing pin issue happen from dry fire or live fire and I have pulled the trigger on two or three of my weapons over 100,000 times.

My opinion is training is training. Even if there is slight wear it creates, I would rather spend a few dollars on parts and be well trained. 

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