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  1. Yeah I run a nickel boron bcg on my .260. I love how easy they are to clean.
  2. Read it. Still kinda want to do the 7.5 with the 1:5 twist if it comes in stock. Although I might be willing to go longer for a decent stainless barrel with a 1:7 twist if it is in a light contour and so it begins
  3. I have been looking a lot, and while I know the benefits of barrel length and velocity, I think I am going to go with the faxon 7,5” that has the 1:5 twist as soon as I can find it in stock. Gotta be something behind the short barrels with fast twist considering all of Q’s 300blk guns have 7 or 8 inch barrels and all have the 1:5 twist. If I am not happy with it as a short range hunting rifle, will always be a good home defense rifle with suppressor and subs. 😁
  4. Hmmm thanks guys. Lots of thinking to do. I do believe it will still be a good 100 yard hun for my son, might go with something supersonic for him though until I myself can be confident with how subsonic work on deer.
  5. I completely understand the extra damage hydrostatic shock creates. I meant comparing it more to archery broadheads. But I think I get what you mean, lower exit wounds have a better chance of creating a blood trail due to a the lower position of the whole. Kinda a “which cup is going to overflow first” type scenario. I almost always am shooting down at deer which helps with that lower exit wound and some of my best blood trails have been from archery.
  6. I think it is a great choice for most fast moving cartridges. Not so sure about slower velocities though.
  7. Interesting, I expected a maker 200 or 220 to act a lot more like a broadhead after impact, creating a nice blood trail of hit in the bleedy bits. I don’t see why it wouldn’t cause a blood trail like a nicely placed broadhead shot. What factor am I missing here? I am a science nerd and want to know. Lol. well I just bought a tool craft nickel boron bcg yesterday, so I am building something. Lol. @unforgiven I will be hunting with him using the hunting mentorship program. Once he is 11 he will be taking hunter’s safety probably.
  8. As long as it works, why clean it? Don’t fix what isn’t broken! 😂 just keep it lubed. 💦
  9. Those 2.5 to 3.5 year old deer you cull I think have better meat than the older trophy bucks. Idk if I taste a difference, but they are easier to butcher. we have been seeing tons of doe also. Dnr has been trying to work on doe numbers in our area for several years now, giving $10 antlerless tags every 24 hours.
  10. I have taken 6 deer or so with the .260 using 120 gr nosler ballistic tip hunting bullets. Only one deer needed a second shot, not sure if it was a need, but I felt like I made the error and pulled it. I have shot 3 deer with the 6mm arc now using hornady 103 gr ELD-X. The last 2 of those deer I shot twice because the first deer I shot once I almost didn’t find because the bullet hit a rib and fragmented enough that it didn’t exit. Though the lungs were mush, it was still able to go a lot farther than I want. Sure enough, two more bullets didn’t exit, one on each of the other two deer. I was so upset with the first deer I looked into hornady’s ELD-X and they have actually stated officially in videos that it is mad to dump its energy very quickly causing a lot of internal damage, but is often found just under the skin on the far side of the animal. Your basic cup core bullets that only hold like half their mass after impact. With the steep and sometimes thick (due to a swampy area in the valley I hunt) I want a good exit wound spurting blood if that animal doesn’t drop immediately. So I don’t think the 6mm ARC is lacking in capability, I think it is lacking in good hunting bullets that will hold 90% or more of their mass and creat a full pass through almost every time. I want to try loading 95 gr barnes LRX and try them. Even my .260 Remington I am going away from cup core bullets. I just bought 200 rounds of nosler 129 gr accubond long range, which are bonded bullets and should give me a lot better terminal performance. moral of the story; i believe if you hunt deer and similar animals with anything, whether it is .223 or .30-06, you are better off using a bullet that will maintain as much weight as possible and give you that exit wound which will leak a nice blood trail and lower the animal’s blood pressure quickly. sorry for the rant, hope you guys stuck with me though 😉
  11. @BrianK a lot of people say the powder fully burns at 9 inches, but I have watched a lot of videos comparing 5.5” barrels going up to 10.5” with different twist rates. From what I have seen going down to 7” isn’t that big of a change for each inch, especially since I will mostly be shooting subsonics. There was a noticeable difference on the wound channels created by faster twist rates. Faster twist rates is really what I am looking for with a barrel, otherwise 9 inches would be the length I would choose. Shooting subs I am not as worried about the muzzle blast, especially if I do put my suppressor on it. What I will be loading for the hunting loads will be Maker REX bullets that seem to open amazingly in soft tissue. and I have seen many videos of them expanding really well on pigs. Basically it will be like a flatter shooting and more accurate arrow broadleaf with how it expands.
  12. Yeah I have never had a problem with any of my buffer setups, but was thinking about doing it just to have a buffer combination I don’t have already to experiment with in many of my rifles. Lol.
  13. They are trying but there are a lot of lawsuits against the ATF right now that are going our way. I am not worried because besides Madison and milwaukee, my state is pretty right wing and pro 2a, and my county is a 2nd amendment sanctuary county where the Sherrif and DAs office will not prosecute.
  14. I live in wisconsin and ARs are definitely legal for hunting with no magazine limit for deer and minimal caliber of .223. Every year I see more and more ARs since I hunt public land. Probably close to about 1/3 of the rifles I see in the woods these days. Two different wisconsin deer with two different ARs, one in 6mm arc and one in .260 Remington.
  15. So I have decided to build a .300 blackout pistol for my oldest child’s first hunting rifle. Funny enough, he is born on opening day of Wisconsin hun season. He will be 10 when he first gets to hunt with this rifle but he is a very small child for his age. I looked at youth hunting rifles but decided on a ar15 pistol due to length of pull with brace fully in. not to mention the lower recoil that an ARs buffer system creates. So for wisconsin deer with a low recoiling rounds in an ar15 I would go no less than a 6mm arc or .300 blk. I have now taken 3 deer with my 16” 6mm arc but I am less than confident in the 103 gr ELD-X bullets. They are extremely accurate but they don’t usually give a full pass through, which for the terrain I hunt in, I like a nice blood trail. Barnes has 95 gr LRX bullets that I would love to try on deer in a 12” 6mm arc in the future, just not sure I want to try that out for a child’s first hunting round/platform. So I plan on building a .300 blackout pistol from a Aero Precision M4E1 upper and lower. Looking at either a 7.5” faxon barrel with a 1:5 twist or ballistic advantage (or faxon) barrels with 1:7 twist that are either 8” or 9”. It will also have a 7.3” aero precision atlas s-one handguard and a a tactical sba3 brace. Will probably go straight to heavybuffers for a heavier than standard buffer and spring due to running is suppressed a lot of the time with my rugged micro30.
  16. Nice size deer. To bad one antler is down, but you can’t eat antlers.
  17. It’s been a pretty rough year. But I have missed you guys. And I couldn’t pass up a chance to help get Tom riled up more on a thread. 😛
  18. They don’t need to since a quick Google search will take people to some weirdo name Tom repeating the fix over and over and over. 😏
  19. ARTrooper


    Come to wisconsin and I will show you anytime brother 😉
  20. ARTrooper


    My newest love is catching trout behind my house before the family wakes up. According to the WI DNR, the average brook trout caught is 5-9 inches in length, i only keep 9 or bigger now. This is the largest I have caught at 12.5 inches and big enough to feed me. Skin still on, lightly battered with a local Amish lemon batter. Stuffed with lemon slices, onions, fresh dill, and butter. Then pan fried until a nice brown. Delicious and meat comes off the bone easier than a smoked fish. Pretty quick and easy cook. Plus these little guys are so aggressive and put up a heck of a fight for their size in inches of water where you can see all the action.
  21. Sorry for your loss Rob. I believe pets are more like Family. The love they give can comfort so much and get us through some hard times
  22. Wow very cool. We have some elk around me and black bear but they don’t compare to your grizzly and moose. i hope the 50 Beowulf does exactly what you need to. Would be awesome if you could get one of the few brands of standard action length AR platforms but these are proprietary and usually cost 3-6k.
  23. Those are the optimistic numbers. And I will say the caliber looks good from the muzzle, but even on their website they listed the velocity they were getting with their test rifles which was less than those numbers. Plus like I figured the round drops like a rock. now I don’t know a damn thing about grizzly, but seems this caliber is only good real close. 200 yard max, more realistically 100 yards. And even than, some much smaller cartridges that shoot more ballistic coefficient bullets would be better at 100 yards. kak industries do have their .300 WSM upper which from the little research I did I found multiple sources saying you could use to hunt grizzly. Seems a nice mono or bonded bullet is key. maybe as defense against charging bear, a 25 round pmag loaded with 168 gr barnes .308 being mag dumped in its face might do the trick 😛
  24. I agree with these two calibers, gonna be a lot easier to find parts and ammo. another option I would think, is the .375 raptor. Unlike a lot of other big bore calibers made by a small company, the .375 raptor has a lot of information and all you would need is a barrel, which I have found on a few custom barrel brands that sell this chambering for under $400, x-caliber being one. this thing uses .308 brass so you can easily reload, I have even seen the dies from a few well known companies. And it can be loaded with heavier bullets for shooting subsonic much like the .300 blackout in the smaller ar15, but with more area and energy on the bullet. https://www.375raptor.com
  25. @Mike8623 what do you plan on using this rifle for? the thing about these small case, big bore calibers, is they have a bunch of energy out of the barrel but it is like throwing a brick. The cartridge doesn’t have a lot of powder to push it to any decent velocity. Throw in fat stubby bullets, with poor ballistic coefficients, and the bullets loose what speed they did have very quickly. This leads to extreme bullet drop and all that energy being lost quickly. This is one reason why .50 Beowulf never really caught on that well. Doesn’t take much range and faster and lighter long slim bullets actually end up with more energy. if you look at the .50 bmg, the reason it performs so well is it may be far but the bullets are also long and the case has a lot of capacity. Not trying to dissuade you from the caliber you are looking at but i think there is to little information out there and to little parts. I see a headache coming from a build like this. If we know what you want to use the rifle for, maybe we can give you suggestions if you really want to stray away from .308
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