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  1. If you ever need investors, you know where to look. 😛
  2. Waiting impatiently... also do you have any job openings for your company? Just keeping my options open. 🤣
  3. Yeah I would love to build one... if I could find some decent receivers in stock.
  4. I guess this popped up when I went MIA, is there a piston in this beauty?
  5. You are welcome, that is what we are here for. And it is refreshing to have a question that hasn’t been asked and answered 20 times in the past year or two that people could find using the search function. Also good for some people without the shooting or tactical experience that may be afraid to ask for fear of sounding stupid. Glad to have you here @AzRon and I hope you continue to grow as a shooter and as you assemble accessories and rifles.
  6. As you can see @AzRon it is different for each person. All my scopes are in front of my charging handles while Belt Fed has his behind his charging handles. My guess is there is a difference in body size also as I am just 5’8” on a good day. one thing I like about my scopes being forward of the charging handle is I can comfortably grab both sides without worrying about bashing my knuckles against my scope or needing a fancy charging handle. and I never shoot with my rifle stock fully extended because of my body size, usually about halfway out, give or take a click depending on clothing and gear I am wearing.
  7. I built a gun room and all my doors are solid wood with deadbolts. Mainly to keep the kids away from my guns and duty gear. Also doubles as my office.
  8. Very good question that few people ask. The answer isn’t so simple though. this comes down to personal preference and the eye relief of your optic. what is comfortable with how you normally hold your cheek against your stock while seeing the whole view inside your scope. Based on your picture, that is looking pretty good for my preference. My shooting style is more of a squared off tactical shooting style. I usually index my big ass nose on the tip of my charging handle. This position leads me to lean forward more and bringing the rifle into my body more affectively, which in turn helps me to control recoil and muzzle rise for faster follow up shots. More of a precision off hand shooting technique you might want a different placement for the scope. That’s why it comes down to comfort of how you hold your firearm paired with the right distance for the scope’s eye relief that allows you to take advantage of the whole field of view within the optic. Start where it is at and play with the placement in your normal and comfortable shooting position before sighting in the scope.
  9. Well these days I have as much of a shot getting a 500 blackout than I do getting an ar15 in 223 at the gun store. Lol Rob I will trade you my stimulus payment for a CR-7
  10. Cool. I don’t have a carrier or anything this would work with though. To bad a cop I know, who is making armor, doesn’t have his available yet. 😉With the way the world is going, I really could use better.
  11. Yeah Velcro isn’t the most secure, especially as it ages
  12. Yeah worst decision ever. Lol
  13. So these attach with Velcro and not molle?
  14. I only have 3 and I can’t have anymore. Lol
  15. I just put my cartridge in the hole and if it fits, it eventually goes bang 🤣
  16. That’s great to hear magwa
  17. We used to throw darts at that picture in Afghanistan. Lol
  18. I need to replace the starter on my John Deere mower right now. Maybe i will have the wife help in something skimpy. Lol
  19. @Donnysonshine you can get a buffer from heavybuffers.com and/or a nice sprinco spring. These companies are great and different combinations could get your rifles running properly, it just may take some trial and error. The other route is what DNP said might get recommended. Get an armalite ar-10 6 position receiver extension kit for $75. Armalite has been getting these rifles correct for decades. When I did this I had to take out a small notch with a dremel to get the tube to seat at the correct depth in my aero precision lower and my buttstock doesn’t fully collapse by about .75” (buttstock not meant for armalite). But I saved around $100 or more and it functions flawlessly. I don’t mind the little bit the buttstock can’t collapse because it is more ready for my shooting position. I wouldn’t of made a different choice unless I was rolling in money. If you don’t care about the savings, check out heavybuffers.com and sprinco.com, with their parts you can easily get a functioning system.
  20. I agree with you shepp. Besides, I hate how people who don’t pay in to taxes or pay in very little get the same amount. They should have just given us a percentage of what we paid in for 2019 taxes.
  21. Got this to use with my M2R Pro on my duty belt. For my VG6 .300 blk muzzle brake. Both Christmas gifts from my mother. 😊
  22. I definitely don’t deserve her. I have some other things in the mail USPS has been taking their sweet time with that she ordered me also. I am definitely going to keep her. She is gorgeous and buys me hun parts.... plus I don’t want her to take half my sh1t. Lol
  23. Hmmmm need to get ahold of some factory ammo and see.
  24. Really? So you are saying the .270 wsm will fit without the cartridge being shortened?
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