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Forster Bushing Bump Die


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Hello Honkys,

I have one die set so far... rcbs FL.

Before I reload my spendy Lapua Brass, I’m going to experiment with the Forster Bushing Bump Die.  Sizing the neck of a .308 while simultaneously bumping the shoulder is my desire, while leaving the Diameter of the main body alone in its fire-formed state.  This may or may not work with a semi-auto, but I will be trying a few to see if I get feeding problems.  My heavy buffer and spring are pretty powerful.  I am not doing this for accuracy sake, but just to get as many reloads as I can out of this Lapua Brass a I have.  Here is a picture for you all.  I just bought this die on EeehBay, and when looking at the picture, I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  Is there some kind of adapter thing screwed onto the normal die threads?  I definetely cannot use this die if I cannot unscrew that adapter thing off.  I do see the normal threads above the base nut.

Anybody know what that adapter thing is?544778B2-15AE-46A6-91D5-DEFF1E1C8ED1.thumb.png.fa8c725e94b5647f198dc604724ad276.png

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I think you are right... The model number of the die is the same as the ones that look like they have just the standard threads that go all the way to the bottom... The 2nd picture from this Eeh Bay listing showed the standard threads.  I just hope it’s not some kind of sub model made Only for other presses.  Betcha it is just the previous owners press attachment screwed on it.  Maybe somebody here has that kind of press and knows about this.  I will find out in a week when this dewhicky shows up... tnx

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6 hours ago, Czgunner said:

Yeah that is the Hornady Lock'N'Load adapter. It will just unthread once you loosen the lock ring. If you like the quick change idea, many presses can be adapted to take those. I converted my RCBS Rock Chucker.

Ok Great CZ.. I guess the “never used but open box” die was sort of used, the picture catches the previous owner in a die lie.  They screwed That adapter on and shucked a few shells and hopefully didn’t realize it sucked bad so they ought to sell it.  Maybe this link should have been put in the Totally Addicted to Ordering Stuff through the mail category.  Naturally I put an order for a specific deprime pin I needed to use with that sucker.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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