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New build


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I am  far enough along with my build to have an update. I ordered a preassembled upper that is Aero but  have a WMD BCG. I assembled everything to make sure it all fit.

I found the charging handle was too tight on the last 1.25" of travel. The BCG was also tight going into lockup. I had to take about .002 off of the little top nub on the charging handle so it would go in smoothly like it should. I have a set of diamond files and used the finest one to just take a little off at the time and do a test fit. The BCG got a lot of lube and I just kept working it in and out till is started getting easier. I think it smooth enough not that it should cycle when fired. 

 I am still waiting for the plastic vice block to fit into the mag well so I can set it up vertical and set the scope. More news to come if the mailman ever gets back to work and delivers my stuff.

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10 hours ago, 83107 said:

No. I did not. Easy enough to take it apart again and do that. Thank you for the reminder.

That's very often the most resistance in a brand new .308AR BCG.  When you hear of "breaking in a BCG", that's the only internal thing that "needs broken in" - the seating and sealing of the gas rings, just like piston rings on a new engine build.

Also, firing the weapon is much, much different than hand-cycling it.  We, as humans, cannot replicate the force required to cycle the weapon, simply by hand. We can manipulate the weapon, but we can't replicate the cyclic operation.

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 Went to the range yesterday. I sure enjoyed getting to fire my new gun. I  topped it off with a Vortex 4-12 diamonback sight so my old eyes could see the target. The 308 really shoots nice. I worked on the scope adjustments but did not get it dialed in before my time ran out.

 I did have an issue that I don't have an answer for yet. I had four  failed to fires. It was always the first shot in the clip. The bolt locks back after the last round as it should. I drop the clip, insert a new clip, and press the bolt release button. This only happed four times and not every new clip. Ideas are welcome. Other than that, the gun seems to work well. 

 I have to take some photos of my shells so I can get some input on the marks that I  have. This thing really kicks the shells out hard. I am suspecting that I may have some tuning to do. Hopefully photos tomorrow.

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