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  1. The deflector is nice and shiny from being struck. Grip tape sounds like a good idea.
  2. I have some not so clear photos. There is a small pit or dimple on every cartridge. Most also have the bar or strike damage. The shooting bench I was using had a plywood side so every shell ejected hit the wood then bounced.
  3. Update! Went to the range yesterday. I sure enjoyed getting to fire my new gun. I topped it off with a Vortex 4-12 diamonback sight so my old eyes could see the target. The 308 really shoots nice. I worked on the scope adjustments but did not get it dialed in before my time ran out. I did have an issue that I don't have an answer for yet. I had four failed to fires. It was always the first shot in the clip. The bolt locks back after the last round as it should. I drop the clip, insert a new clip, and press the bolt release button. This only happed four times and not every new clip. Ideas are welcome. Other than that, the gun seems to work well. I have to take some photos of my shells so I can get some input on the marks that I have. This thing really kicks the shells out hard. I am suspecting that I may have some tuning to do. Hopefully photos tomorrow.
  4. No. I did not. Easy enough to take it apart again and do that. Thank you for the reminder.
  5. I am far enough along with my build to have an update. I ordered a preassembled upper that is Aero but have a WMD BCG. I assembled everything to make sure it all fit. I found the charging handle was too tight on the last 1.25" of travel. The BCG was also tight going into lockup. I had to take about .002 off of the little top nub on the charging handle so it would go in smoothly like it should. I have a set of diamond files and used the finest one to just take a little off at the time and do a test fit. The BCG got a lot of lube and I just kept working it in and out till is started getting easier. I think it smooth enough not that it should cycle when fired. I am still waiting for the plastic vice block to fit into the mag well so I can set it up vertical and set the scope. More news to come if the mailman ever gets back to work and delivers my stuff.
  6. Please Mr. Postman, Look and see, if there's a package for me. A long skinny box arrived today. Aero precision upper with 16" barrel. Happy camper here.
  7. very nice gun! The pistol looks sweet too!
  8. I found this site while googling lr 308 uppers. I forget the exact search. I read a few threads and thought that this was the place to ask questions and get straight answers (and some good jokes). 😄
  9. Thank you for the welcomes. I am in NC. I have never owned a 308 and started thinking about adding one about six years ago. I wish I had done it then and not waited. Times have changed a lot in six years. This gun will be for paper and deer with nearly all shots at 200 yards or less. I do have a few prospects of some boar shooting so I wanted something with enough take down power to stop a boar. (we used to kill hogs with a .22 to the head when I was much younger.) I am going the 80% route so that will be interesting. I am looking forward to the challenge.
  10. Hi everyone. Another new guy here. Was searching for some answers to questions and found this forum. Looks like a lot of good information to be found here so I thought I'd join. There is a lot to learn about the LR 308 platform. I have built several AR guns and am finding these are different.
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