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  1. 83107

    Flat tops

    That looks good. I don't have one yet as I don't have enough room in the garage for another toy. Our kids have one and love it.
  2. 83107


    It isn't ready until it is ready. (I like the meme)
  3. We had a visitor yesterday. Sure glad he didn't stay long.
  4. A guy brought a belt fed 22 to the range several weeks ago. Very cool.
  5. 83107


    Glad you got the boat back.
  6. Owning one would be a novelty for sure. It would be prohibitively expensive to shoot often. Well, maybe a 9mm.
  7. Agreed. Never quit. Keep pecking at them and try to gain more players on your side. You can tell when you are close because they get mad and get louder.
  8. I have to admit that I picked up a couple of the BCA right side charging uppers. The price was right for a small frame to be used for short distance shooting. So far, no issues. I will report after using them more.
  9. I hate to revive an old thread but, do we have any updates on what really happened? As stated above, this incident got real quiet real quick. Why?
  10. Meanwhile, back to the thread topic. This story does have a very happy ending. Three more off the streets and a fourth may not be an issue ever again.
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