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Washington State has now done it...

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I warned about it, in the New York thread... 

"Watch the idiot-race take off now... "

Washington State has now made me proud that I moved out of there in 2004, after 12 years there.  The Wet-Side Liberals are fucking that state up, badly.  It's gorgeous there, so many things that you can do.  I can scuba dive Puget Sound and gather crabs on a Saturday, go skiing on Crystal Mountain on Sunday.  The 4-wheeling is some of the best, toughest, in the nation - just because it's wet, and you do tree-pivots and tree-shots.  Unreal.

And it's all fucked up.  I'd love to go back there, but there's no possible way I could ever live there again, with how bad the political climate is.

Check it out:


Biggest thing is the mag-capacity ban, but they passed a whole lot of other fucked up laws - "to make everyone safer..." 

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What is an "extra check" for 18-21 year olds that want to buy a gun? What are they checking? Juvenile records? Your High School transcripts? Are they going to call your Mom first?

It still sounds better than the rotten garbage NY just shoved through in the same vein. New York's idea of raising the age fully to 21 for semi-automatic rifles also came with a nice helping of "may issue". So that "extra check" for New Yorkers is actually at the whim of law enforcement, judges, etc.; (depending on county in NY). And you still have to be over 21 in the first place; so the "extra check" we got is only for "older adults".

Washington state has been trying to one up NY and CA for a while. I'm not really sure who is ahead anymore. 

The coast of Washington state really is beautiful. The rest of the state too. 

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4 minutes ago, Lane said:

Washington state has been trying to one up NY and CA for a while. I'm not really sure who is ahead anymore. 

This is a Blue-State race to the bottom, is what it is...  I knew it was gonna happen.  Let's just wait and see what Cali proposes - they HATE getting smoked by other states on "stupid gun laws."  Cali will win, and propose something COMPLETELY fucked, and it will happen fast now.  Just wait for it. DeLeon will be behind it, too.  Kevin, the fuktard "Ghost Gun Inventor..." 

I feel NJ flexing it's muscles, too - just because they "don't like being left out" - some other state in New England will do something stupid soon, too.

Watch it happen - it WILL happen.

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13 minutes ago, sketch said:

This is not cali or ny yet..

It was Cali decades ago, brother.  Mid 80s, Late 80s...  Once the LA GangBangers started moving north to expand their territory, straight up the Left Coast  - THAT is when it started, for OR and WA.  That shiit is what made the Libs in those two states rise to power, in those 2 states - the crime and drugs, coming out of LA, directly.  Gangs and drug money.

And it's all been downhill from there.  Libs, and their laws, have brought those 2 states down, because of their initial fear of gangs and drugs.  Look where they are now - gang-ridden, and drug-ridden...  They're a self-licking ice cream cone.  They did it to themselves...  

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