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Stern Defense RAB-AD

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The Stern Defense RAB-AD rapid attach buttstock adapter.  That's the acronym.  Pretty damn smart.  I know someone locally that has one of these things coming already, so I'll get to look at it pretty soon.  I'll keep you updated on what I think - but I already think it's pretty cool.   :thumbup:   Final determination later, after that guy gets it in, messes with it, and I get to look at it. 

Here's the product on the Stern Defense website:


FWIW - prices aren't better anywhere else, looks like MAP is set at a tick under $140, so just get it from Stern Defense, and support the company directly. 

Here's the MAC view on it, and why it makes so much sense...

This is Rumble - so hit the link to watch the vid...


For those that love pics, and hate links - here's what it looks like:


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20 hours ago, jim3326 said:

Wouldn't that kick up the overall buffer weight? I mean, it pushes on the buffer retainer, that's steel, so that's more mass to shove back, right?

Yes, but...  see later down here...

18 hours ago, shooterrex said:

So do the side folders. I haven't had any problems with the 2 side folders I have. One 308, one Grendel.

^^^  Exactly.

So, in the Mk11 build thread that I have, I added my old Tubb CWS to it, on a rifle recoil system with a rifle buffer of 5.4oz.  That Tubb CWS with tungsten insert adds 3.95oz to the reciprocating mass.  I detailed the results in the build thread, after adding, literally, a Quarter Pounder to the reciprocating mass.  It was amazing.  :thumbup:

I don't think this little length-adaptor is gonna affect your rifle's function - if your rifle is built right from the beginning.   My $0.02.

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I'd add one to the parts list of something new I'm brewing up, but that thing will eventually run an A2 stock.  I don't know if I'm ready to add another 1.5" to the LOP on an A2 stock, just yet. 

I'll check this out, and definitely report back.  Might be a few weeks before I can coordinate with the local dude that getting one of these, and get out in the dirt when he's out in the dirt.  I'll for sure report back once that happens.  This thing looks pretty solid, and pretty slick for packing up, making a lower profile in a smaller gun case. 

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