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My Atomic Tactical/Fulton Armory build

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So I finally got in my LPK, and assembled my rifle this evening.  Total time was about 4 hours - but I also made a pot of spaghetti in that period, and as I had never assembled an AR before I had to keep referring back to the assembly guide.

1 pile of parts...


And the completed rifle, less glass -

Build Specs -

- Fulton Armory FAR-308 lower

- Atomic Tactical SASS Upper

  - DPMS Upper

  - 18" Stainless DPMS SASS Barrel

  - Troy BattleRail free float rail system

  - AAC Blackout Flash Hider/suppressor mount


- CMMG LPK with 2nd Gen 2-stage trigger

- MAGPUL PRS stock and MAGPUL stock completion kit

- TangoDown Advanced Combat Bipod

- Ladder rail covers

Just waiting on a scope and mount, which are on order.  Then I need to install the CASM scope mount on my semi M14, order in a selection of ball and match ammo, and get set for a side by side range comparison.  Oh, and I need to get this upper to my gunsmith to verify headspace before I fire it, of course.

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The pasketti turned out pretty good, as well - sauteed onions, fresh ground pork sausage, a jalapeno just picked off the bush, Hatch's chiles and peppers, and a can of mushrooms - kicked up a cheapo can of standard sauce into a pretty decent meal.

Lessons learned from the rifle build:

-  Some lowers use a pin and some use a screw for the bolt catch.  Find out ahead of time which - I'm now waiting on a bolt catch screw from Fulton, as the screw included with the CMMG LPK doesn't quite fit right

-  If you've never built up a lower before - don't be scared!  This really did go together like a set of legos, although there were a couple of fiddly moments (and a dropped detent pin or two)

-  Now that I've assembled a rifle with a pre-built upper, I'm ready to take the next step and build up a stripped upper as well - baby steps!

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