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FML.. I need help from you "Glock guys"


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So the wife (also LEO) wants a new pistola. Right now she carries a Sig P239 .40, and she would like to go to something with a bit more capacity. I recommended she use her G17, and she said "No I want something new, and in .40"

My dilemma is, I know nothing about Glocks. Austrians are shady and so are their Tupperware guns.

I'm leaning towards a G23 (because she's an itty-bitty thing)?? What are the Pro's and Con's for the Gen4's vs the other models?

She's not allowed to "modify" her weapon after she has qual'd with it. So I'd like to trick it out a bit prior to any service. She's an exquisite shooter, with lots of time behind a trigger. I'd like to make the pistol a bit more "tactical" and "tacti-cool" at the same time. Any recommendations?  There are so many options available.

So far I'm thinking; ext mag release, ext slide release, poly magwell, she wants ghost ring sights, maybe a ported bbl/slide? Maybe a tungsten or SS guide rod?

I also plan to add a slide plate and ext mag plates with her badge # engraved in them.




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I would hate to buy a $500 gun, drop another $500 in parts and accessories, then have someone perform an irreversible "stippling" job that she may not like. If she doesn't like the grip, I'll buy one of those Pachmeyr condoms and call it a day. On the bright side, she shoots a G17 on a regular basis and is quite comfortable with that grip.

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I would say the tungsten guide rod at standard springe rate, a huge upgrade over the stock guiderod/spring assembly. The first production run of Gen 4 had issues but have since been resolved. Anything else you decide would be a personal preference, the guide rod being the only real necessity

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