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WTT: Battlecomp BABC Stainless for BABC Black

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I bought two Battlecomp stainless BABC's recently (I'm a Battlecomp whore!). I mounted one on my .308 and I decided that the second one won't look quite right on my second rifle.

I would like to trade my stainless BABC for a black BABC.

My Battlecomp stainless BABC is a never-mounted, never-fired, practically new in the package. I did open one end of the package, but the card and crush washer are still secured in their individual package. The comp is even still coated in the original packing grease/oil.

If I can't trade, I'd be willing to sell this for $200

PM me for pictures.

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It's a "compensator" which will allow faster follow-up shots. If that was your mission, then YES. I may make enemies here, but I actually think NO muzzle device is needed for a .308 long range rifle. A brake is nice, if your rifle is beating your shoulder to death. A flash hider is nice, if you are worried about someone seeing where you are firing from, or you shoot at night a lot.

I don't think the BABC will hinder or diminish your long range accuracy at all. If anything, it will make it so you don't lose your sight picture in between shots. On the flip side, I don't believe it will add any additional accuracy to your bullet.

Once a bullet passes the crown of the muzzle, a muzzle device has very little to no effect on the bullet itself. There are some that theorize that the expanding gases, passing the bullet from behind, can have a negative impact... Battlecomp issued a statement in the past that said (in summary) if you bought their compensator with the intention of improving your long range accuracy, they would like for you to return the product for a full return. They would rather not take your money, than instead receive negative reviews on their product for a use is was never designed for.

All in all, brakes are more popular with the long range guys, and comp's are more popular with the competition guys.

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