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1st Post - School Me On 901 Conops


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Hello, longtime lurker, decided to join. Cool site and forum. Own several DPMS 308's. I have interest in and questions about the new Colt, but even asking a question about Colt on other forums just stirs up coolaid-drinker strife and flames, thought I would ask ya'll maybe I can get a sane intelligent cool response and discussion. For one - what is the concept of operation of this rifle? I mean, what is the target audience? Is it geared towards the unit "arms room" for big green, i.e. place your order at the squad level and armorer will set you up by swapping out hardware, etc? For the civvie, at least for me, I have several guns in the safe and reach for the caliber I need at the time. I just cant understand investing in one lower and depending on multiple uppers, especially with all the additional parts and complexity of the system - I like k.i.s.s. generally, but can be convinced otherwise if this system offers increased utility, some sort of added value, etc.  I will always have more than one lower, so I'm not seeing where this will gain me anything. I like to grip around the front of the magwell while firing and that lowered pivot pin area just looks, well, fat and, dont know, just dont know if I would go for that. Again, respectfully trying to get info here, not trying to cause arguments, can ya'll school me on this upcoming product from Colt? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I like the idea of the new Colt, call me a Koolaide drinker if you must. Although I don't think the concept of this rifle was designed for the average gun enthusiast. I believe this is 100% targeted towards the military, and even more so towards the Special Forces units.

Picture this, a small unit of military SF guys has a mission. This mission requires them to move fast and light. Their individual roles are going to change as their mission develops. You can't enter a building with a standard rifle, you can't snipe with a short bbl rifle. Do you carry two complete weapons?

So now picture this, the same team travels armed with assault rifles moves to their destination. Those that are committed to a dynamic entry can swap out to SBR configurations with just a swap of a 3-4 lbs upper. Now here's the bigger advantage, those that are going to assigned a long range sniper position only need to carry an upper designed for that purpose. He can change from a small mobile caliber to a much bigger, heavier caliber. Add one or two mags for the long range upper, and you are several pounds lighter and considerably more mobile than carrying an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.

Just a theory.

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Robocop, Thanks for reply. Yes, I think you are right - there had to be a reason for going to a complex multi-part system - some DoD organization has a specific need and this was designed to fit that need. It's a good thing Colt will allow civilian purchase. I'm still weighing in on whether I can use it or not. I dont need all the rail space to saw into my hand and gear - wish there was an option there....

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