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The MOACKS III tool for staking the gas key of LR308 and AR15/M16/M4. Part I


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Here is a sequence of pictures I took of a tool that I had a small hand in designing. 

The MOACKS (Mother Of All Carrier Key Stakers) III. My concept for a combined staking tool for both AR 15 and AR 10 platforms.

Why? The Gas Key of a Bolt Carrier should be secured with two Allen head bolts and then properly staked so that the bolts don't come loose causing a gas leakage which in turn causes all sorts of problems with the AR type rifle or carbine.

I came up with the idea that Ned Christiansen's AR15/M16/M4 platform MOACKS tool could be modified to stake the Bolt Carrier Gas Key of the AR-10 / DPMS LR .308 as well.

My idea was to use a "Collar" or a "Sleeve". Somewhat like the way a set of 30 mm scope rings could be adapted to work with a 1 inch or 26 mm tubed rifle telescope by using a "collar" or "sleeve".

I have the "prototype" (came in the mail today - July 30th, 2009) and I will use it to stake my improperly (or haphazardly) staked Rock River Arms Bolt Carrier Gas Key which came in my RRA NM AR15 A4.

I will also use it to stake the half-heartedly staked Gas Key on the Bolt Carrier of my DPMS LR .308 TAC 20.

[i will try to post pictures of the staking process before and after. But here is the picture of the MOACKS III itself. - earlier post on different site.]

It was Ned Christiansen's superb engineering design and machining skills that brought my concept to life - all I did was to suggest the use of a collar to enable the staking of Bolt Carrier Gas Keys from the bolt carriers of both caliber platforms.

The beginning of the sequence is A - B.



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So , the tool has a shim in it to do 5.56 & with out the shim for 7.62 BC ?

Are your photo's of a 5.56 or a 7.62 BC ?

I do mine the old fashioned way ,but I like the proper tools to do things.

Wow , I just looked at the other two posts. Are you going to have this tool for sale ?

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No, I am not selling the tool whatsoever.  This is a modification of the tool that Ned Christiansen had originally designed for staking the AR15/M16/m4 (5.56X45mm/.223) family of ARs.  He also did some for the 7.62X51 (.308 Win) for military units like Special Forces etc.  That way all you need is spare gas keys and hex bolts and you can do repairs etc in the field. 

He sells the tools for the different calibers separately.  He did this as a favor to me once I came with the idea on how to do it.  As far as I know, he is not going to market the combo tool (MOACKS III).  If he decides to send some to the military or sell a few to them, it's fine by me. 

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Well ,what about us ?  <thumbsup> We need them too ! <dontknow> How does one get in touch with him to make one ,if possable ?

Dang skippy! Can't come in here and taunt us with eye candy we can't have...  :o >:( Naw seriously, that's a fine piece of hardware to have, you should recommend this tool to be manufactured regularly.  <thumbsup>

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