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Jam Nut for a Titan Handguard


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    this is my first post and I'm hoping that someone can help me. I put together a AR-10 using a DPMS lower and the Fulton-armory Titan upper. The Free Floating Handguard came from Fulton-armory out of allignment. I decided to losen the hanguard Jam Nut and then straighten the handguard myself. Unfortunately the handguard and jam nut were put on with RED loc tite and in the process I've damaged the jam nut. I thought the YHM-9433 would fit but it's too small [ 2" vs the 2 1/4"]. I tried Brownells and Midway USA and they both said to contact the manufacturer. I tried Fulton armory and they would only sell me the entire handrail package (about $170). The support person said they didn't sell the jam nut seperately and they didn't know who the manufacturer was that made the handguard. I contacted Yankee Hill and this is what I got back.


Thank you for your interest in our product. No, we do not have any jam

nuts that will fit any .308. We do from time to time get contracts from

both Fulton Armory and Bushmaster to manufacture forearms for .308's for

both companies, however we do NOT offer and CANNOT offer any forearms or

parts for sale. They are Bushmaster/Fulton Armory exclusives and available

only through those companies. Sorry.

Anyone got any Ideas on a Jam Nut that will fit on the titan 308 upper?

Any help is appreciated.

If not then any recommendations on a free floating handguard system that will sell the components seperatly. I can't believe that Fulton armory armorers don't make a mistake and mess up the jam nut from time to time.

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Fulton Armory said they didn't know who manufactured there hand guards ?

I would call & talk to some one else.

I have had nothing but ,good experiences with FA.. If there out look is that they don't or won't have a part for one of there products specially made for them , I would get another HG system .

And I'll give another vote for the JP's Vtac.

You will have to get a special Pin Spanner to take that bbl. nut off your rifle any way  & if ya need to do that I will send you mine to use . More than likely it also has loc tight on it & will need some heat to let it loosen to come off with any wrench.

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I've tried calling fulton armory twice and have left 2 e-mails for them. [They still haven't replied]

When it does come time to remove the barrel nut I'm going to get the ARMSTRONG TOOLS 34-110 WR SPNR FACE 1-3/4 BLK that someone else recommend.

I might have to go to a machine shop and have the 2.25" steel ring fabricated.

I'm still looking and I'll post what I find as the solution.

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That one was the only " customisable around ,when I built my first 308. Its unfortunate that after the install of the JP, " VTEC " ,that one  (not having or unable to sell ,parts for them ) would be low on my list of purchasing .

As I am trying to get around other manufacturers that have " changed major things " to suit there own needs & not there buyers wants.

I actually like it .

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  • 2 weeks later...

the reply I got from fulton armory was that they would have "extra" jam nuts the next time they do a run, but they don't know when that is gonna happen.

I tried going to a machine shop and they said it would be about $100 to make the jam nut , because of the special threads.

They would need for me to take the barrel nut off and give it to them for a couple of weeks. Don't think I'm going to use that option.

the JP enterprises solution won't work either. The barrel nut is 2.25 inches and JP enterprises fits 2"

not sure if the DPMS handguard would fit either. I know that the threads are different between the different manufactures.

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How bad is the jam nut ? Bad enough for the rifle to be out of action ?

The only thing you will be able to find to replace it ,is there nut , unfortunately.

Mild heat will be the way to unstick the loc tite applied to the assembly.

If you need my wrenches , let me know & I will send them out to you to use. IM me if needed .

If you do any work to that upper , make sure you also have the vice block for it .

If it was lined up improperly from Fulton ,I would send it back with a note you tried to fix it your self .

If you didn't take it off , they will be able to see it was assembled that way & got past there final inspection. That's there bad & I believe they should make it right . I also believe they are a good co. & will make it right.

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