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SI Defense Stainless Bolt Catch Screw


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They mail it to you via USPS?  I'm going to get a couple to replace mine, just because, but I'm not paying $12 UPS to get $12 in parts.  My DPMS screw isn't broken, but I'm not going to wait for it to break, either...  Big fat POS...  :(

On a side note, have any of you guys seen the recent posts (on other boards)  of the "people" that got a custom AR-15 lower built?  They're praising the "genious" of the lower manufacturer for using the same damn bolt catch screw on their 15 lower - like the guy invented it or something.  It's annoying, to say the least...  >:(

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I still have not received mine . They said they would be in the mail this past Monday . Its what's keeping me from doing a range report on my rifle with the 16" bbl..

It may come today ,ya never know .

They wanted $ 14+ some change to ship it & I emailed them to see if they could just stuff them small items in an envelope , they said they would .

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Awesome, man - I know they're good people.  I was just checking on the shipping online from them, nothing more, and I had to add the item to my cart and start checkout.  The only shipping options they had in the dropdown shipping menu was UPS, which I completely understand. 

I'm a firm believer that it's always better to call a company on the phone and talk to a human, so I figured they'd do that (USPS) for a customer, considering it's such a small item.  <thumbsup>

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Got both of mine today & a refund of $ 13.73.

I must say I was expecting a little bit better job on the pin area , but the one I used is working & seems better going in . I used some Graphite grease on the screw threads.

I noticed there seemed to be a high & low spot I think on the threads in the lower receiver ,because the DPMS one had the same feeling of tighten & then normal screw advance.

I will be going to the range Monday morning , do some target work .

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