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I just picked up a CMMG 22 adapter for my little M4 clone, and a brick of Aguila sub sonic ammo. First problem was with my rifle. I have an Adams Arms piston kit on it and the piston holds the bolt open. Easy fix, remove the piston and set the gas plug to off. Came with one 26rd mag. Mag is good quality and should give good service. CMMG recommends Federal High Speed so I loaded it with the hollow points out of the bulk pack. Function was excellent with nary a hitch. Shot two mags worth and got the hots to try the sub sonic as I have read good things about it. Loaded about ten rds in the mag and tried it out, nothing but jams. Seems to be borderline on having enough oomph to cycle the action. I decided a little break-in might help smooth things out, so I oiled it up pretty good and fired about another 200 rds though it. This thing is down right addictive, I can see I better start stocking up on 22 ammo. The federals shoot about 3" groups at 50 yds and the cross-hairs don't even move off the target. You can double , triple, quadruple, etc tap a target as fast as you can pull the trigger. I just totally destroyed a cement block with one mag in a couple seconds. I switched back to the sub-sonic and functioning improved quite  a bit for about 30-40 rds and then went to single shot, clear jam, single shot, etc mode. Disassembled unit and found alot of fouling in the chamber and all over the inside of the receiver. Seems like unburned powder kernels, very fine and gritty. It is very accurate, about 1-1 1/2" groups at 50 yds. I'm going to keep working with it and see if I can get it to be reliable ammo. By the way, the sub-sonic doesn't seem to be any quieter than the Federal's. A little polishing in the right places should help a lot.

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I seem to be collecting these things by accident. I have a Colt version which is different than the CMMG, I have the Spikes which like the CMMG is based on the Atchisson (Ciener) design and recently purchased a CMMG Sierra upper. I may have another complete rifle coming down the pipe shortly.

Anyhow CMMG mags are Black Dog Machine.  The BDM's are THE mags to get for these conversions.

Ammo based on my experience and that of guys at my .22 site Federal ammo is the most reliable in any of these .22's whether AR's with conversions or dedicated .22's

This might be fun

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I try to keep you and 98Z5V motivated. At least Im trying to be easy on your wallet  <laughs>

Oh, I'm motivated!  <thumbsup>  I'm still waiting to pick up the CMMG drop-in bolt hold open plate, and the drop-in forward assist mod.  I LOVE the .22, man!!!  ;D  I'll be runnin' that sucker just like a full-size AR pretty soon...  <laughs>

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Here's the bolt hold open plate - open your receiver and set it right in there. 





CMMG is taking pre-orders now, and  think the piece is around $20.

Here's a shot of the add-on that makes the forward assist function - drops into your existing CMMG (Ceiner-design) .22 conversion bolt:




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Did you alter the mags with the new followers?  I know the new follower is necessary in the mag to make the BHO function properly.  I haven't picked up these parts yet since I bumped the .22 lower on my priority list - that'll get corrected before too much longer. 

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I altered the mag per specs, the hold-open is iffy, not a big deal. I think my jam problem is just crud build up around the extractor. It seems to be dropping the empty before it can be ejected, then the empty gets caught in the action. I'll clean it good and try again. It's not high on my list of priorities either. It's a pita with the piston gun, you have to remove the op rod to use the 22 adapter.

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