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Not A Scratch!


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Good thing too!

A student brought out their pistol to the range, an older model Bersa .380 semi-auto.  The ammo was close to 30 years old or so, not that it should make a difference.

Looked like a FTE but with a mangled case.  Field stripped the Bersa...no issues on it, no cracks, no bent steel.  Bullet stuck in the barrel.

We were able to push the stuck bullet out...which looks like it may has slammed into another bullet.  Unburnt, green powder in the action too.

Be safe!





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:o at least no was hurt. <thumbsup>

No kidding!

We had just gone through a big production, the shooter wanted to try shooting with their tiny reading glasses.  Made them put on the big ol' honkin' safety covers that go over eyeglasses.

Then POW!!

I'll get better pics of the bullet later.  It looks like the one prior was a squib and this one pounded it out.

Even though .380s are midget-sized low pressure, I was impressed that there was no damage to the blow-back Bersa.

They gave me the case and bullet for future classes.  <thumbsup>


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The barrel on that Bersa is hosed.  As soon as bullets (even one) start stacking against a squib, it bulges the barrel.  I hope they never try to fire it again, before barrel replacement.  :-[

No bulge...straight as can be.

I suppose it may be possible that it fired out of battery, leading to the case rupture.  Instead of a ogive that is constantly radiused on the bullet, there are two rounded and fairly similar poundings on the jacket.

If you look at the squib photo, you can see how the base was canted.

Never seen anything like it.

I have a friend's Colt sitting in the safe, barrel bulged like a cartoon snake from a squib.  Also have a 1911 Kimber barrel that was squibbed, bulged and split.


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