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Medium Weight 18.5" Twist Rate


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Over the past weekend, I was finally able to put together my FA Titan barrel to a DPMS platform. Everything was going great, until I noticed the twist rate as '1-12'. I had ordered the barrel back in May and never checked it upon arrival. But according to their website they indicate that it's a '1-10' twist rate. I was a little concerned and emailed and phoned FA today. I spoke with Clint and he reassured me that the 1-12 is a great twist rate and that he finds that the bullet barely stabilized coming out of the tube is usually the most accurate. Is there any major difference to the twist rates or the bullet weights needed for 600 yd shots. That is, 1-10 vs 1-12, with lets say 168 SMK, with an 18.5" barrel. The reason for 600 is because my older eyesight can only handle that range at best. Maybe I need to eat more carrots! Thanks for the input.

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We really didn't talk about a return. I was more concerned about stabilization, and not having to take it apart to return it (I put a Daniel Defense 12.0 Lite Rail on, it took a good while to put it on!). As soon as I get it ready to test, I try the different weights. But, Clint stated that the 1-12 twist was a great twist rate, and that the 18.5 barrel would have no problems. I'll kind of lean on his expertise in this matter. If not, I guess I could try and return it. But if it doesn't work, I'd wonder if he would be willling to take it back used?? I'm in a catch 22, the problem has been identified, now, do I act or take his word on it's twist rate?? I could see them saying no, once I tried the barrel and didn't like it. I guess worst case scenario, I could just shoot the lighter pills...

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Just try different ammo combo's & if your a reloaded just try different bullet & charge weights or different powder's

I'm sure the barrel will shoot fine also , just not sure of what it will like to eat , The 1-10 will give good results  as an average with different loads & bullet combo's .

I think the 1-12 would be more of a target type twist for longer range , but it should have no problems shooting any .308.

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Thanks guys. I think I'll start from the beginning with ammo and work my way up to max distances with each. I was originally concerned with the twist rate, then after listening to you guys and Clint, I don't think I have anything to worry about. Other than trying to see that darn target that far away!!!! ;)

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